Play-Doh Valentines Bag, It’s Totally Sugar Free

Hearts, chocolates, flowers, poems, cards and a chubby Cupid with his bow & arrow, are traditional images that dance in our mind when we fondly think about Valentine’s Day. It’s a day we can show our admiration and affection for someone dearest. There’s more to this sentimental day, kids adore Valentines’ Day as well. Like any parent, we want this day to be fun, exciting and include minimal sweets. One way to make this day uber special is preparing some fun crafting activities and I have just the product.

Play-Doh’s Valentine’s Bag is filled with the sweetest pinks, reds and white colored modeling compound that will pleasantly embrace any craft idea or forget-me-not’s the kids come up with.

This adorable product contains 15 (28 g) cute little tubs of lovely colors. We had lots of fun rolling out the doh and using different small flower and heart shaped cookie cutters to make decorative pieces to put on a card or a special gift.

We added some ribbons, beads and sparkles to our creations for some extra charm. Play-Doh is perfect for children ages 2 and up. They’ll be totally smitten with crafting some heartfelt artwork for their parents or favorite teacher. Hours of fun that will capture precious moments with your kids! Available at your local stores!

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post. I simply wrote about this adorable product because I like it and wanted to share my very own humble views.