Preschoolers Fun to Learn Books

From a very young age, children love to peruse age-appropriate books and absorb the plethora of colors, pictures and illustrations, and the tactile experience from the pages. Children’s brains grow so fast and there are so many factors that can influence and affect every aspect of their early development and ability to learn from family dynamics to culture to their environment.

Books are great teachers and preschoolers naturally resonate with them. Having a family library with a variety of fun and engaging books that will help toddlers learn colors, numbers, letters, animals and more, is not only important, but it’s also necessary. Preschooler books will help kids learn at their own pace and build their gross and fine motor skills along the way. Here are a few your toddlers and preschoolers may enjoy.

My First Busy Jobs Let’s Go To Work

colorful and sturdy book that teachs young kids about different jobs people have.

Parents have jobs in various fields, and the vibrant board book, My First Busy Jobs Let’s Go To Work, will help young children explore what many of them do for a living. There are tabs around the perimeter of the book that feature images relating to different career fields. Small hands can navigate these tabs easily and open the pages to explore and observe.

Each section is filled with colorful photos and words associated with that specific job. They’ll learn about the police officers and their badges and sirens, mechanics and their tools, teachers and their educational tools, zookeepers and the animals, firefighters and their gear, pilots and airplanes and so much more. Each page asks a question that encourages preschoolers to interact and learn through play and may ignite a spark in a specific field. Let’s go to work!

How To Be A Big Kid

things little kids learn why growing big

If preschoolers live in a home with older siblings, they can feel left out and maybe even a little jealous. Older siblings will have already developed a social network of friends and will plan fun activities and outings around them. The book How To Be A Big Kid will help preschoolers prepare for life as a bigger kid.

As toddlers get older they’ll need to learn new skills and how to take care of themselves and this book is a great resource. How To Be a Big Kid is divided into 22 chapters and each one covers a learning curve. The book starts with discovering things about themselves, like their name, eye and hair color, skin color, their likes and the choices they make. Other topics covered are Who’s in Your Family, Very Important Manners, Underpants Go First, What Will You Wear Today, Squeaky Clean, Stay Safe and so much more. Each section is filled with vibrant and colorful images, positive advice and includes a question or two to prompt preschoolers to ponder and respond. It’s a fantastic book for young kids to develop big kid skills.

How To Tell Time

teach young children how to tell time

The How to Tell Time book is filled with lift flaps and fun activities that make learning to tell time an enjoyable experience. This board book includes a clock with colorful moveable hands that kids can practice on, when engaging in the fun activities and lift-the-flap puzzles. Kids will learn to measure time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years and seasons. They’ll also learn the difference between analog and digital clocks, the difference between am and pm, hour and minute hands, when are meal times, how long it takes to do certain activities, the 24-hour clock, Roman numerals and so much more. The clock page folds out so kids can react to the quiz questions and move the hands accordingly. It’s a great book for kids struggling with telling time.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.