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Prinourish Skin Enriched Superfood Serum

iYURA’s NEWEST addition to its ‘glow’rious range of powerful face oils! 

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When it comes to nourishing our skin, a barrage of factors need to be considered. There isn’t just one thing that will foster our skin’s health. Diet is a huge component that affects the appearance of our skin. If we eat foods high in bad fats and drenched in sugar or lots of fast foods, you’ll age rapidly. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and superfoods will have a positive effect on our integumentary system.

Prinourish Introduction

Our weather and environment is another element that affects our skin. Heat, cold, dry and windy weather dries our skin out and robs it of the much-needed moisture to stay young and supple. Plus things like pollution, pollen, and pesticides can cause our skin to flare up. But even if we addressed all these concerns but continued to use cheap, toxic skincare products, we will continue to experience skin issues. But, if we want to splash superfoods on our face, iYura’s Prinourish Skin Enriched Superfood Serum will revive damaged, malnourished or undernourished dull skin.

Now enjoy the benefits of 4 nutritional oils, 4 herbs, 4 spices, 3 fruits, and 2 essentials oils – all in 1 shot! This clear, almost colorless face moisturizer serum is the most WHOLESOME moisturizer you’ll ever need or want!

Prinourish Superfood Serum


This serum has a unique vegan blend of 4 rich oils to rejuvenate neglected and undernourished skin.
The 11 Ayurvedic herbs including fruits, herbs, and spices used in this formula, nurture, and plump-up the look of pallid skin.
 Is the richest booster you could add to your daily skincare products to get a whole volley of benefits from multiple plant sources.
Adds moisture and seals in hydration for long-lasting softness.
♥ Supports a smoother pore-less appearance.
Works instantly to brighten dull, ashen skin.
Cleanses the pores, doesn’t clog them.
Prinourish is the perfect pre-makeup, pre-sunscreen serum which can double as a skincare facial serum and as a make-up touch up.
Compatible with primer and foundation. – (that is, if you use any). Most iYura users prefer their natural skin as its glow is too lovely to hide.

Prinourish Superfood Serum

The NEW iYura Prinourish Superfood Serum no-tint moisturizer smells like a bouquet of gently fragrant flowers that is not overwhelming. It leaves you with a pleasant feeling. It goes on clear and keeps your skin hydrated, dewy, and glowing radiantly all day. Use it day or night or whenever you want. Mix it in your base, use it as a touch-up, on your hands, neck, decollete, elbows, or other areas needing moisturizing and make the most nature has to offer.


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