Pro Natural Hair Repair System

I’m so glad winter is gone and I’m no longer in the grips of its harsh weather. My hair and scalp seem to suffer from dryness and itchiness, but this is really no surprise, it affects everyone’s skin and hair. Now that spring has sprung, getting my hair back into shape is a prime concern. I found a really amazing line that brought my locks back to life.

Pro Naturals Hair Repair System is all-natural and chemical-free. This opulent kit includes the coveted Moroccan oil. Moroccan oil or Argan oil is deemed one of the top miracle oils for skin and hair. Its attributes will make you blush!

pro naturals hair care system

Included in this elegantly boxed kit is:

  • 1 280ml Bottle Pro Naturals Hair Shampoo.
  • 1 280ml Bottle Pro Naturals Hair Conditioner.
  • 1 250ml Pro Naturals Hair Mask.
  • 1 50ml Pro Naturals Argan Hair Oil.
  • Product Authenticity Hologram Seal.

Let’s be honest, we put our tresses through stresses; we are bombarded, and overwhelmed with toxins and pollutants in the air, food and water we use. Not to mention product abuse; we saturate our hair with gels, mousse, and sprays and these will coat and weigh our hair down and leave a film on our scalp. These will have an effect on the appearance and health of our hair. Here’s were Pro Natural steps in. The kit offers a four-step system that is specifically designed to repair your hair and works in complete harmony with your current hair routine. Simply use Pro Naturals for 1 week every 6 weeks to get your hair back to normal and experience the hair you’ve always wanted!

Pro Naturals Hair Shampoo is a pearly white, rich, and creamy cleanser that smells beyond divine. I genuinely adore the scent, it’s euphoric! It lathers nicely, and you only need the size of a quarter to shampoo all of your hair. I found this shampoo cleansed so well, I didn’t really need to shampoo a second time as most product lines suggest. I don’t like to waste, especially if it’s not necessary. My scalp felt enlivened and my hair is so light and free-flowing. This was only after one week of use.

Pro Naturals Hair Conditioner is thick and abundantly lavish. A small amount left my hair smooth, lushly soft and vibrantly shiny. If you have hair that seems to tangle easily like mine, then you’ll love how nice this product works. Usually, I have to use my hair pick to gently and slowly work my way through the knots, it’s time consuming and a little painful. I found this conditioner worked really well in controlling the tangles.

Pro Naturals Hair Mask is a super thick, pale pink, cream that you apply after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair. Apply enough to completely cover your hair and scalp and leave on for 10 – 25 minutes. I left the mask on for about 30 minutes, and then rinsed really well. The result was uber soft hair and my scalp felt clean. I wondered if my scalp would feel parched, but there was no dryness or itchiness at all. I felt like I just had a spa treatment on my hair and scalp.

Pro Naturals Argan Hair Oil is a semi-thick oil that you work through your hair and ends, and primp your style with. It looks like it would leave your hair weighed down or greasy, but it’s a lightweight oil that seems to melt in your hands and absorbs quickly into your hair. It adds more softness and a healthy shine. Great product for a finishing touch.

I thought the kit was awesome at bringing life back to my dull and uninspiring locks. My hair feels so light and full of body and my scalp feels super clean and perhaps a little hydrated. I think it’s a great idea to do this treatment every couple of months, I really noticed the difference. With Mother’s Day just weeks away, this product just might be perfect for her.

The Pro Naturals Hair Repair System can be purchased online for $159.99

Disclaimer: I received product for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.