Radical Remission – Limited Time Offer – 50% Off Plus Bonus Footage

TIME IS RUNNING OUT — Own the Radical Remission Docuseries for 50% Off

By now, we hope you’ve heard. The revolutionary docuseries, Radical Remission: Healing Against All Odds, is a must-watch cinematic event—featuring 21 powerful stories of survivors who achieved full remission despite being given dire prognoses.

If more people knew how to implement these healing factors into their daily lives, they would feel significantly better and greatly increase their chances of preventing or surviving a major illness.

For just three more days, you can own all ten episodes—filmed by Hay House Productions—for just $99 (that’s 50% off).

Plus, you’ll receive three bonuses worth $547—including the brand-new eBook by the director of the docuseries (Radical Hope by Kelly Turner, Ph.D.) and six hours of exclusive, never-before-seen Radical Remission expert interviews with Christiane Northrup, M.D.; Chris Wark; Dawson Church; and more. It’s all FREE with your purchase.

Even if you’re perfectly healthy—by implementing these ten healing factors, you’ll be better equipped to ward off illnesses and thrive in all areas of your life.

When you purchase the full Radical Remission docuseries, you’ll receive all ten cinematic episodes, each exploring one of the key healing factors:

  • Empowering Yourself
  • Radically Changing Your Diet
  • Releasing Suppressed Emotions
  • Increasing Positive Emotions
  • Bringing Exercise and Movement into Your Life
  • Having Strong Reasons for Living
  • Deepening Your Spiritual Connection
  • Using Herbs and Supplements
  • Following Your Intuition
  • Embracing Social Support

Want to learn more? Check out the docuseries and your bonus gifts here.

Own the Radical Remission Docuseries for Only $99 (That’s 50% OFF!)

With your purchase—you’ll receive $547 in bonuses to help you protect your and your family’s health, well into the future.

Free Gift #1: Six Never-Before-Seen Expert Interviews. These exclusive interviews with Christiane Northrup, M.D.; Chris Wark; Dawson Church, Ph.D.; and more are only available to those who purchase the docuseries.

NEW! Gift #2: Radical Hope eBook by Kelly Turner, Ph.D. ($27 Value). Read Radical Hope before it’s released to the public! This brand-new follow-up to the New York Times best-selling Radical Remission book features all-new research and healing stories—and the worldwide reveal of the tenth healing factor common among Radical Remission survivors.

Free Gift #3: Companion Action Plan: 20 Ways to Introduce Healing Factors into Your Life—Starting Today ($20 Value) Use these step-by-step strategies to build your immune system, create a supportive community, and much more!

Thank you for signing up to be a part of this special docuseries. Simply by participating, you’ve helped us open people’s eyes to what’s possible, and that we are capable of anything.

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