Raw Food for Dummies

A new year rolls around and changing our diet and exercise program is always one of the first promises we make ourselves. Refining our diet can be influenced by what we read, hear, or even see on television; or maybe there is a new trend that’s hit the market.

Processed foods are depleted of nutrients and full of preservatives; not ideal for transforming or energizing your body at all. I think we can all agree that eating as close to as nature intended is the best way to feed our bodies. Many people are switching to a vegetarian, vegan and even a raw vegan diet. Optimally a raw vegan diet is one of the healthiest and practical ways to rebalance, rebuild, reshape and tune up your body. Finding a good resource to help us morph into a raw diet is ideal and I found such a book.

Raw Food for Dummies helps us transition into raw foods, one food, or one meal at a time. It’s written by Cherie Soria and Dan Laderman who are both founders and directors of the Living Light Culinary Institute. Cherie is also a chef extraordinaire and teacher of vegetarian and raw vegan cuisine. I was so thrilled to see them both as the gifted authors of this book.

Raw Food for Dummies helps us transition into raw foods, one food, or one meal at a time.

Raw Food for Dummies is sensibly and systematically broken down into five parts so you can enjoy maximum success with minimal frustration.

Part I: Exploring the Basics of Raw Food
You’ll learn what a raw diet is and the different ways to eat raw; All raw all the time, Mostly raw vegan and Transitional raw. You’ll also learn about the benefits and perks of a raw life and how to get your essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and even grains and legumes who want to include these in your diet.

Part II: Embarking on Your Raw Journey
Here you will be filled in on how your body will react to a raw diet after years and years of cooked and toxic food intake. Detoxification and emotional attachment to cooked foods are covered so there are no surprises. Included is a 30-day first-month menu plan and how to set up your raw kitchen. Buying organic, navigating the produce section and how to make your money stretch further and discovering raw food prep techniques, rounds off the section of the book. I love the Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen list. The dirty dozen is a list showing the fruits and veggies that tend to contain the highest level of pesticides and toxins. The clean fifteen foods seem to absorb fewer harmful chemicals, so in a pinch, these could be bought nonorganic if needed.

Part III: Enjoying Raw and Revitalizing
I love this section; it’s absolutely my favorite. Here you will be exposed to over 100 new and exciting raw recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, appetizers, desserts and even how to make your own condiments.

Part IV:  Taking Your Raw Lifestyle to the Next Level
You’ll also be shown how to plan your menus by making appealing options, getting food ready ahead of time, to even what dishes to use. If you’re worried about eating out, don’t be, you’ll get valuable advice about eating raw on the go and preparing a raw party.

Part V:  The Part of Tens
Discover the ten stunning reasons why you should go raw, from looking and feeling better to protect the environment. The last chapter covers the ten foods that are best eaten raw, you’ll be surprised what they are.

They’ve really thought this book through for you. They’ve covered all the angles, took out the guesswork and supplied you with a kick start one-month menu. I really love this book and it’s been used a tremendous amount of times.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.