Rawmazing Desserts Recipe Book

Who doesn’t love desserts? A meal just doesn’t seem complete unless it’s trailed by a decadent dessert. Smelling the aroma of a delectable tasty treat can have you salivating in anticipation. No doubt you and your family have lots of favorites. I like to break free from my traditional recipes and test drive to some new approaches to yummy and healthy desserts. As a raw vegan, I’m always looking for new raw recipes to lure my family with.

Rawmazing Desserts is as the name implies, a complete recipe book filled with oodles of scrumptious raw sweet courses. When you create a raw dessert it’s still loaded with all its vibrant vitamins, minerals and nutrients that would be destroyed if cooked or baked.

This book is so wonderfully laid out and all the recipes are easy to follow. The very first thing I noticed was all the beautiful professional colored images. I like to see the end result and the image usually encourages me to make it.

There are eight different chapters, each covering a different dessert or snack choice.
*Breads & Biscotti
*Cakes & Cupcakes
*Custards & Mousses
*Pies & Tarts
*Ice Cream, Sorbet, & Frozen Treats

You will need some equipment to make various recipes, a dehydrator, a food processor and a high-speed blender. A lot of people will shy away from recipes that require a dehydrator but honestly, they are so easy to use. Yes it does mean a little more work but once you’re in the swing of things, you’ll get your natural groove and soon this will be an automatic step.

My family adores cookies and there are five oh so yummy recipes that will make you want more and more. If you are a chocolate lover than the Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies will have you begging for mercy. They are so much fun to make and only need about 4 – 5 hrs in the dehydrator. The taste is sublime and the texture was soft and chewy. These did not last long on the plate.

We also enjoy custards and mousses and there are four creamy and dreamy recipes to try out. I made the Blueberry Peach Chia Pudding and it was a big hit. If you’re using nuts in your recipes, they will always have to be soaked overnight or at least 8 hours. This is something to remember if you’re planning a special dessert. I always soak mine the night before so I can get right into creating my desserts.

The Brownie Bites were number one with the little kids in my family. We added a few extra ingredients like raisins and some coconut flakes and they turned out perfectly. The mixture is pressed into mini cupcake muffin papers and then dehydrated for 8 hrs. They were divinely chewy and rich.

Most of my friends and some of my family were surprised that these desserts were raw. They probably don’t realize how healthy they are and that’s okay, they enjoyed the extremely delicious flavors. You can’t go wrong making raw desserts and this book will guide you along the way. These desserts are beautiful enough to use during the holidays and dainty enough to use at a tea social. I absolutely love this book and would recommend it to all who enjoy desserts.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.