Read Me A Story

Children love to have stories read to them. They absorb the words and can put themselves right in the heart of the story. They can quickly tap into their imaginations and envision the scenario, and even act it out. If they enjoy the story, they’ll study all the pictures and memorize every little detail.

My family loves books, especially smaller kids. It’s fun for them to enter new worlds and feel the emotional vibes of unique characters with each new book. Plus, they unknowingly practice their vocabulary and phonics skills. We recently got a whole bunch of new books, and I’d like to share a few of them with you.

Tell Me A Tattoo Story

Tell Me A Tattoo Story is a charming tale about a little boy who wants to know about all of his dad’s tattoos. As little man’s father shares the story behind each tattoo, they take a sentimental journey together. He learns each tattoo represents a milestone in his dad’s life. One tattoo has wise words from his father and another is a little heart with a precious birthday inscribed. I thought this book was a great bonding story between a father and his little boy.


Mamasaurus is a darling little story about a mama and baby dinosaur, and the loving bond they share. One day, though, Babysaurus slipped off his mama’s back and gets lost in the deep thick forest. Readers can follow Babysaurus’adventure as he asks lots of other prehistoric baby animals if they’ve seen his mama. The book shares how each of the infants describes their mother, and the kids will quickly pick up on any differences. The book has cute illustrations, colorful characters, and the kids will really enjoy reading this story.

Monster & Son

Monster & Son is about monster fathers and sons, from Yeti’s to werewolves to mummies to aliens. This book shares the fun they have with each other as they go about roaring, laughing, and playing. It shows how monsters and humans may differ but more importantly what we all have in common, love for each other.

These books are great for preschoolers or for kids learning to read. The stories are short, but they leave a huge impact. We’re happy to have them in our library.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.