Recovery 2.0 Moving Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life

How many of you have an addiction? Probably most of you will not raise your hands, right? What if I told you that the definition of an addiction is: any behavior you continue to do despite the fact that it brings negative consequences into your life. Okay, so a few hands went up as you’re reflecting on a few habits that do not serve you well. Some may be grave enough to cost lives, others problematic that it affects your social life and self-esteem. Some people may not want to reach out to a support group, but they don’t have to wallow in their predicament either. The book Recovery 2.0 Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life offers hope and a different approach.
Recovery 2.0 Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your LifeWho more to get expert advice from than someone who’s walked to walk. Tommy Rosen has 23 years of recovery from acute drug addiction behind him. He comes from a place of personal depth, experience, clarity and success, that he’s gone on to pioneer the field of yoga and recovery.

In his book, he talks about the six major areas of addictions: Drugs, Alcohol, Food, People, Money, and Technology and the four aggravations: Negative Thinking, Self-doubt, Procrastination, and Resentment. Addictions are caused by a lack of ease in one’s life and the point of recovery is to bridge and close the gap between you and this ease we so long for.

I was really surprised at the variety of addictions mentioned in this book. There are the obvious addictions, alcohol, overeating, gambling, etc., but the new addictions are video games, texting, and Facebook. I had no idea. So how does one solve these so we can go on to live a normal life? Rosen offers transformational and revitalizing guidance to those who are eager, willing, and ready to break the bonds of addiction. He has a fabulous approach to addiction and recovery that everyone will find liberating.

Although I’m aware of the impact food has on the body, it goes much, much deeper than I thought. Regardless of your addiction, there is an intimate connection between what you eat and how you think, feel, and behave. Sugar and processed foods seem to be the anchor behind most diets, they have so many negative side effects you might not be fully apprised to. Rosen uses the 12 Step Program, but more is needed to reach a place of complete control of your body, mind, and spirit. He uses clean food, meditation and yoga to morph into an addiction-free being.

I love this book, the words will sink deep into your subconscious and assist us in getting to the core of your issues and start on our path to healing and transformation.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.