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Reflection on 2021 and New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

Reflections on 2021

Before we commit to some New Year’s resolutions, it’s always advised to go back and reflect on the previous year. 2021 was probably not what we had hoped for. We started the year off with hope and faith that the world health situation would be resolved. But the promise of a vaccine to control and essentially end Covid19 was a false flag. Over two years have gone by and no resolution, only more variants.

Sporting events can have thousands of people sitting close to each other. Shows like American’s Got Talent had a full audience, yet we are told to have only ten people in our home for the holidays. Can the rules get any more ridiculous? Something does not feel right about this situation and all the hypocritical rules.

And why are we blindly accepting the lies and propaganda shoved down our throats? There is a diabolical agenda out there that does not have the people’s best interest at heart. These unholy and pernicious medical experiments are horrific crimes against humanity that violate the Nuremberg Code. We cannot allow this to go on another year! Official Complaints are being filed in International Criminal Courts to stop this genocide and hold these criminals accountable! We must foster change now, and everyone needs to set their intentions so that 2022 will be a year of justice and freedom. Our beautiful planet and humanity are not being cared for by our governments or our medical system.

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New man-made variants seem to crop up unexpectedly and set society back into lockdown or with more rigid rules. The vaccines are not working! We are told that the jab does not protect you from the virus, so why push for double pokes and boosters? There are lots of people who have all their shots and a booster but still test positive for the virus.

Now many people are having profoundly negative reactions to the jab. Blood clots, headaches, heart issues, seizures, and even death. Several pilots, athletes, and a shocking number of people have died not long after receiving a shot. And now they are pushing the jab on children and babies. We’ll have to wait and see what the fallout from the Covid virus and jab will be in 2022. Will next year offer better health, brighter futures, and a booming economy?

Despite all this, many are recovering quickly at home by rebuilding their immunity. Most of my family got Covid and recovered within 2-3 weeks by using Vitamin C Shock Therapy, Zinc Shock Therapy, and Goldenseal to help boost their immune systems. Healing starts with us and people need to research ways to build and strengthen their immune systems with the right supplements and healthy foods.

Moving Forward into 2022

Regardless of our present situation, we can still do some introspection and see where we can personally make changes in our lives so we have a better year going forward into 2022. That usually entails starting with a lofty list of New Year’s resolutions that we strive to commit to. It’s okay to focus on the biggest or simplest dreams, changes, transitions, and achievements. If the fuel is there, the flame will intensify!

Sometimes though, we need a little inspiration, guidance, or even a shove to launch change in specific areas, be it emotional, spiritual, physical, or financial. Ideally, we all just want to be healthier and happier, but each of us will take different paths to get there. Here are a few resolution ideas to ponder over and perhaps embrace even if you’re not feeling their vibe at first. It’s the culmination of little steps, little tweaks that make profound changes in people. Here are 10 easy to accomplish resolutions you can incorporate into your 2022 goals.

💙Read more books! We all have those books sitting on our shelves that we’ve been meaning to read for a long time. There are so many benefits from reading a book including reducing stress and improving our emotional wellbeing. Plus books put you in that zen space where you relax and are more open to learning.

💖Connect or Reconnect with friends and family! Make a list of all the people you haven’t chatted with in over six months. Social distancing does not mean you can’t associate with the people you care about. Make a date to phone or video chat with them and catch up. Commit to connecting with one person you haven’t talked to in a long time, each week. Let them know you miss them and that they haven’t been forgotten.

💜Practice mindfulness! Being mindful means being aware, awake, alert, and living in the present moment. Most people live in default mode and let life spill out all over. Take charge of your thoughts, attitude, actions and reactions. Meditate, be open-minded, non-judgmental, and kind.

💚Get outside more! Fresh air, exercise, and connecting with nature are the biggest antidote for depression, stress, and anxiety. So get a good pair of sneakers and call a friend, or walk your dog around your favorite park and hiking trail. The breeze, the sunshine, and nature sounds will make you feel better.

💘Be kind and compliment! Make it a daily goal to say something nice to a family member, friend, coworker, coffee shop employee or cashier. The power of kindness and a simple sentiment can warm someone’s heart and lift their spirit. And it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as well.

💛Journal therapy! Writing your thoughts, goals, fears, feelings, dreams, ideas, reflections, values, emotions, questions, memories and breakthroughs offers you personal insight and awareness. It gives you the time, space, and permission to review your life – a little introspection and self-awareness. Here you can be real and release pent-up feelings, describe your struggles, acknowledge your triggers and explore resolutions. Journaling improves focus and mental acuity, releases stress and anxiety, and facilitates personal growth. So pick up an attractive journal, a new pen, and declare what you want to achieve in 2022.

🤎Learn to say no! Do you feel pressured or obligated to help someone or do them a favor every time they ask you? Saying yes all the time can lead to resentment and anger. Some people may rely on you too much and can start taking advantage of your kindness. Learn to set boundaries and be willing to say no if it’s not convenient for you or if you just don’t want to do it. There are a lot of good manipulators and they know just how to make you feel guilty if you don’t comply with their requests.

🧡Learn a craft! Do you feel inspired to learn a new craft? There is an abundance of creative crafts we can embark on. Knitting, crocheting, spinning, needlepoint, painting, calligraphy, origami, soap making, jewelry making, baking, wood burning, and so many more. Pick up a craft book, watch videos, take a course, get someone to teach you, get your supplies and create. Crafting improves brain health, agility, motor skills, your self-esteem and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Plus, it puts in you a tranquil space where you feel happy, calm and relaxed.

💜No social media! Dedicate one or two days a week where you stay off your social media channels. The downside is that way too many people are obsessed/addicted to scrolling. Instead of scrolling, enjoy strolling outside and cajoling with friends. Live in the moment and connect with the real world. Unplugging means you’ll have more free time to do things that are more meaningful and you’ll feel better.

💦Drink more water! The benefits of drinking water are vast. It hydrates, flushes out impurities and toxins, improves your mood, aids in digestion and constipation, improves brain function, promotes healthy glowing skin and beauty, regulates body temperature and much more. Amp up your water with slices of lime, lemon or orange.

The list can go on and on. The key is for you to find and embrace those changes that you need to focus on for a better, stronger, greater 2022.