Reiki, the Power of Universal Healing

I think most of us have heard of Reiki, but many may not know exactly what it is, how to use it, or what it does for us exactly. Reiki was developed in the early part of the 20th century by a Japanese man called Mikao Usui. It’s a spiritual or energy- healing system that is used to remove stress and heal areas in your body and life. It’s a modality that uses the hands and chi energy to remove blockages and allow chi to flow naturally again. Reiki is one of the most popular energy systems in the world, and you get glimmers of its powers through books like Reiki, Heal Your Body and Your Life with the Power of Universal Energy.

What I noticed immediately is that book is written in easy to understand the terminology and guides us with clear instructions. Sometimes books can get so complicated that you never return to finish reading it. Part one talks about the history and the founder Usui. The author shares how Usui developed the modality Reiki and how it’s morphed into the system it is today. You’ll also learn about energy, chakras, and how to see an aura.

This book also shared the Reiki Principles’ and how you can embrace them in your life. They share symbols of Reiki and advanced techniques and how to work with them. Learn distant healing, Waka poetry, energy cleansing, and how to bring these all together. I personally enjoyed reading real-life stories that demonstrate the deep healing this system offers. If you’d like to learn more about Reiki, then this book will offer guidance and insight into this remarkable energy system.

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