Remington Hair Tools

Beauty Attracts the Eye, but Personality Captures the Heart!

Our hair is one of the first things people notice about us. It adorns our head, frames our face, and makes a statement about our personality. We love to look our best all the time, but especially on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. It takes time and a combination of the right hair products and styling equipment to get the perfect hairstyle. Enter Remington! They’ve been around for decades and are recognized for their vast selection of personal products for women and men, including styling tools for all kinds of hair.

I love curly hair, so for me, the perfect hair tools are the Remington 1″ 2-in-1 Curling Iron, and the UV Baked Ceramic Dryer. Together this duo will get your locks looking lovely quickly and easily.

1″ 2-in-1 Curling Iron

Remington 1" 2-in-1 Curling Iron
*1” Ceramic Barrel with Removable Clip
*400⁰F Salon High Heat
*Titanium Technology
*30-Second Heat Up
*Swivel Cord
*60-Minute Auto Shut-off
*2-Year Warranty

I love the 2 in 1 Curling Iron; it’s so versatile. This allows you the freedom to use it as a curling iron or a wand. Keep the clip on and it’s an iron, remove the clip and it becomes your wand. The handle has an off/on switch and a temperature dial. The ceramic barrel is infused with titanium to heat up quickly and stay hot, super hot actually! The temperature has 30 heat settings, the highest creates 400° F, so you might want to invest in a heat protector for your hair. I personally need the iron on the hotter side to get a significant curl, but even on the hottest settings, the iron will not burn your hair. My daughter and I used the iron both ways, with and without the clip and we got great results. It only takes five seconds to create a gorgeous curl and minutes to get a rockin’ style.

Used as a curling iron, the clip has a soft grip and allows you to get close to your roots for a tighter curl and oodles of volume. To remove the clip, you twist clockwise and slide up. The wand is great for soft, bouncy, flowing tresses that look stunning and stays for hours. If you’ve used some product in your hair while curling, then when finished, I’d use a damp wipe to clean the iron off so you always have a clean surface for the next use.

Remington UV Baked Ceramic Dryer


UV Baked Ceramic Dryer

*Baked Ceramic Technology
*Ionic Ceramic
*1875-Watt Motor
*3 Heat Settings + 2 Speed Settings
*Cool Shot
*Removable Filter

Remington is up on their technology and produces products that are stronger, faster and longer-lasting than a lot of other brands. The UV Baked Ceramic Dryer is one of those products. On appearance, I was attracted to its hot pink color. On design, I was attracted to the UV baked ceramic technology. Its unique grill is treated with UV powder then baked under a UV light to create a strong, heat-conductive surface. It means this technology will provide even and consistent dry heat that works with negative ions for a quick-dry and less frizz and damage to your hair. It has three heat settings, cool, warm and hot, and two speeds. It also features a cool shot button to lock in your style for all-day results.

I don’t like hot or cool air when I dry my hair, so the warm setting was ideal. I also prefer the fast speed so I can get straight to styling. It took about three minutes to dry my hair thoroughly, which is above average. It left my hair soft and shiny with lots of volume and zero frizz. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, and has a neat hang loop for easy storage. It comes with a few attachments, a concentrator, and a diffuser. It was on the noisy side, but no more than other brands. All in all this dryer is quite nifty.

Remington hair tools are budget-friendly, durable, produce great results, and make great gift ideas. They’ll have you looking sassy and classy for Valentine’s Day! Swing by their site and check out their other products and watch some of their awesome tutorials.