Renovations Can Present Unexpected Challenges

According to one report, a growing number of people in North America planned to renovate their homes in 2016. They estimated that people are millions each year to repair or remodel their homes.

While it is still too soon to tabulate all of the figures from 2016, a quick glance at the data indicates renovations have increased across the country. And one only need travel through communities to see a greater number of contractors and homeowners working on homes.

Tackling any renovation project is an exercise in patience. Renovations can impede on daily activities can cause a certain level of upheaval in homeowner’s lives. Homeowners planning renovations also may find that they must have some wiggle room when it comes to both their budgets and their expectations. Remodeling particularly with regard to older homes, may unveil unforeseen issues that only arise in the face of renovations.

So what can homeowners expect during a renovation? Ther following are a few issues that might arise during home improvement projects.

*Dirt and noise: Owners can count on dust, debris and noise throughout the duration of the renovation. Dust appears when walls come down or go up, and construction teams typically erect temporary walls or tarps to contain the debris. Air-filtering systems also can limit dust particles. Noise is unavoidable. If it becomes troublesome, arrange to be outside of the home when the bulk of the construction is taking place.

*Delays or schedule changes: Even the best contractors cannot control every aspect of the job. They rely on subcontractors and vendors to do portions of the work. Materials may not always arrive on time, or they may fall short of homeowners’ expectations. This can push back the project schedule. Homeowners should hope for everything to be done on time, but it can be less stressful if they anticipate delays and be a pleasant surprise if there are no hiccups or delays.

*Hidden issues: Contractors may uncover all sorts of issues that need to be addressed before a project can progress. Examples include the presence of asbestos, plumbing problems, incorrectly wired electrical systems, and leaks or moisture issues. These problems also can impact the cost of the project, so set aside some money in the budget for unforeseen expenses. Chances are you are going to need some extra money to handle a few surprises along the way.

It’s important to expect the unexpected when embarking on home renovations. Budgeting for hidden costs, expecting delays and coping with the upheaval to daily schedules are par for the remodeling course. However, the end result is often well worth the time and effort.


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