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Resolutions, a Call to Action

As we are approaching the end of the year, most of us are waiting until the very last minute to proclaim our New Year’s Resolutions. We don’t have to make any changes until January 1, so on December 31, we can still run wild with our bad habits. We can polish off that last box of chocolates without feeling guilty. Let’s face it, most of us are not truly ready to give up our unhealthy patterns. But in our hearts, we are hoping and crossing our fingers that just maybe we can stick to our grandiose list of changes we want or need to make during the coming year. But most people don’t have a plan of action, they just step into the new year hoping some magic will happen.

It’s said that around 90% of resolutions are never executed or fizzled out after the first week. Our hopes, dreams, desires, and aspirations are cut down before they could blossom. So what can we do to make some of our resolutions a reality? Here are a few simple steps and ideas to ponder.

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Don’t make your list so long and lofty. Write down three things you really want to change or make happen during the coming year. Any more than three resolutions can overwhelm and fluster you before you begin. Some people are even narrowing it down to one resolution. They are going to focus on one goal and achieve this first before they start another goal. You could still have your three goals, just prioritize them and realize them one at a time.

Revisiting the Same Old Resolution. Some of us keep working on the same resolution year after year after year, and may have flashbacks of our unsuccessful attempts. But, it’s a new year and there are new resources, new ideas, and new strategies to implement, so let the past go. Decide to have a different mindset and only focus on moving forward with positive steps and encouraging thoughts. Like the Jedi say, “Your focus is your future.” If you keep seeing yourself fail, it will most likely be your reality.

Is This For Me? Another thing to consider about rehashing the same goal over and over every year is discerning if this is the right resolution for you. Are you being told by friends, family, or society what you should do, but you’re not feeling it? Be honest with yourself and work on things you want to change. Don’t be bullied or coerced into something that isn’t right for you. You will inevitably fail if it’s not what you really want.

Take Action. Once you’ve made a commitment, be precise, and have a plan of action to follow. You’ve thought and pondered about this for a whole year, so you should have detailed ideas and a realistic plan for achieving your goal.

Journal and Record Your Journey. Writing down how you feel and jotting down the forward actions you are taking will encourage you to continue. Make a chart to track your progress, but don’t be hard on yourself if you take a step back. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about changing your lifestyle at your own pace to reflect the goals you want to attain.

Meditation and visualization. More people are turning to mindfulness and the power of their minds to manifest their desires. Two ways of doing this are through meditation and visualization. Many set an intention, envision it manifesting in their lives, and take conscious steps to make it come to fruition.

There is no right or wrong way about honoring your resolutions. Each one of us is uniquely different and will have our own approach to making our resolutions successful. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement and guidance on how to attain them effectively, but it’s still up to us to create our own success.