** After learning that Sabra uses GMO products I quit using them. Anything genetically modified causes organ toxicity or other adverse health effects and I’m appalled they don’t know this.**

Oh, how I love getting ready for the holidays. The stores are already bustling with Christmas music, gift ideas, holiday wrap,  gift baskets, specialty foods, and so much more. We have a get-together or party planned for almost every weekend from mid-November on. I’ve done lots of baking already, but for some occasions, I’m going to rely on some ready-made products that are wholesome and tasty. I was recently introduced to Sabra products and I’m totally smitten.

Sabra is the maker of the most delicious and savory dips and spreads. They offer everything I love, hummus, guacamole, and salsa. And, all of these food choices are ideal for every kind of meal, snack or social gathering.

sabra tray

Chickpeas are my favorite legume and I’m always making different kinds of hummus. Now, I don’t have to work so hard. Sabra carries 9 different flavors of Hummus that will enrich everyone’s taste buds. We really like the Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic, and the Classic flavored hummus. The center of the container is filled with pure ingredients that you can mix in with the hummus yourself. We really love the fresh and homemade goodness this product offers. It has a rich, creamy, semi-smooth texture that tastes awesome with veggies, chips, pretzels, crackers, and breadsticks. We’ve been test driving some ideas for our parties, so we’ve also used the hummus as a salad dressing on greens, a sauce on noodles and rice, a pita or bread spread, as a pizza sauce and in deviled eggs. Hummus is so versatile and really adds so much character to the foods we prepare and serve to our family and guests.

We love Salsa. Sabra has created 4 different salsa recipes from mellow to moderate heat to sweet. It’s also an incredibly versatile product that will enhance any meal. It’s made with a plethora of fresh and zesty veggies that will add personality and oomph to your plate and palette. A get together just wouldn’t be the same without a salsa flavor and lots of tortilla chips. It’s more than just a dip though, it’s great for sauces, pasta topping, chili, stuffed peppers, and my family loves it in their grilled cheese sandwiches.

North Americans have an appetite for guacamole and Sabra knows this. They’ve created 2 flavors of Guacamole, classic and spicy, currently spicy is not available in Canada. This rich mixture is made from a blend of avocado, fresh onion, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, garlic and cilantro. Aside from the usual chips and veggies, my kiddo’s love to dip homemade baked fries in Sabra’s Classic Guacamole. It’s just so yummy. I found that my family ate a lot of veggies when this product is present. Hey, maybe I’m on to something!! It’s the perfect dip for any occasion, but especially holiday parties.

I enjoy the ease and comfort of serving Sabra’s tasty ready-made products, they’re convenient, handy, and healthy. They also save me lots of prep work when I’m in a time crunch. Knowing I can zip down to my local grocers and pick up a supply of these family and party favorites are reassuring. It’s inevitable that we will get unexpected people popping over during the holiday season to share some festive cheer and create warm memories. I want to be totally present and absorbed in these moments and not have to worry about fussing in the kitchen. So, I will have a full spectrum of Sabra products on hand, which I’ll be serving on my awesome Sabra Dip Tray, together they’ll make me look good!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.