Sacred Geometry

Creation has beautiful geometric patterns that never cease to amaze me. Our DNA, our eye corneas, snowflakes, crystals, flower petals, atoms, trees, stars, all have divine geometric designs. Sacred geometry is a science that uses geometric symbols. It’s embedded in the design and construction of religious structures, religious monuments, altars, and tabernacles. It’s also used in sacred places such as sacred spaces, green areas, holy wells and in the creation of religious art. Nearly every ancient archeological site from the Pyramids to Stonehenge, use mysterious mathematical alignments throughout their designs.

As we work with these shapes, we gain an understanding, an awareness of how they affect us on all levels. Sacred Geometry heightens our awareness, our ability to communicate with the Divine, to heal, and much more. I personally am not familiar with sacred geometry but was recently introduced to it with two awesome card sets. Sacred Geometry Cards: For The Visionary Path and Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck; together they are tools that will aid in reaching a higher level of consciousness and balancing your energy.

sacred geomtry visonary path
The Sacred Geometry Cards: For the Visionary Path and the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, both offer 64 beautiful tarot cards that are all from original watercolor paintings created by artists Francene Hart, a visionary artist. The colors are healing and the shapes entrancing. The accompanying book shares how to spread the cards out and how to interpret them. Each card has a full page explanation that allows you insight into your query.

sacred geomtry oracle deck

Using these tools, you’ll experience just how intuitive they are. Very often we seek answers and struggle to find them, these two creative sets will tune in and respond accordingly. I found that you’ll naturally reach for the cards that give you a message that you need at the moment. I was surprised that the kids in my family instantly gravitated toward these cards and wanted to explore them. They expressed appreciation for the intricate designs. I too am mesmerized by the images and found some resonated more with me than others. I’m really enjoying getting to know these cards and believe they are a benefit to all those seeking a higher level of being.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.