Sacred Plant Initiations

There are many who have a special connection to our beloved Earth. They enjoy being out in nature and hanging out with all the plant life. My mother is one of those people. She has lots of plants in and outdoors, and she talks to them every day. She has an innate ability to recognize if something is off with one of her plants. They are intelligent and have the ability to sense and react to their environment. Plants have so much to offer us; they are our teachers. They’re powerful and been used for centuries in medicinal formulas to heal.

Learning to connect and work with plants on a very deep level, is what my newest book, Sacred Plant Initiations is all about. The author is a Celtic priestess, shamanic practitioner and medical herbalist. She was trained by Metis Medicine woman Arwyn Dreamwalker during a 10-year apprenticeship.

sacred plants initiations

Sacred Plant Initiation offers a new perspective and opens the door to a spiritual bond with plants. Ceremonial Plant Dieting is an ancient method of honoring and connecting with a plant. The ceremonial process opens gateways to the spiritual realm and facilitates powerful development at physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. You’ll learn how to consciously ingest a specific plant for healing and transformation. A plant diet can support, strengthen, and heal us on all levels of our being.

There are psychoactive plants that can open passages to higher consciousness. This book features nine nonpsychoactive plants that are equally as powerful to connecting with the divine. They will allow you to flow into different levels of consciousness that may have otherwise been reserved for more experienced practitioners. Sacred Plant Initiations is a magical, inspiring and educational book. It offers insight, guidance, and clear instructions on how to be a 21st-century plant alchemist.