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Safe, Natural, & Effective Ayurveda Skincare & Free Gift

We are becoming a health-conscious society, not only with our diets, but also with our skincare products. More and more women and men alike are now opting to use quality organic skincare products on their bodies once they become aware of the appalling health implications caused by using toxic, chemical, and other nasty skincare ingredients that seep into our bloodstream and affect our wellbeing. With the demand for clean and organic personal care products, Ayurveda brands like iYura and Ajara have been created to supply our needs for the best skincare line on the market.

Best Face Moisturizer for Dry, Aging and Mature Skin! FREE!

Right now, if you purchase any of the following Best Seller products, you will receive a Free Mini Yauvari!

Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

Black Gram oil is known for its powerful moisturizing properties and the ability to give a youthful appearance.

Rujahari Oil 

Formulated with over 40 herbs that promote longevity, rejuvenate your joints and soothe muscles and tendons naturally.

Manjish Night Time Glow Elixir

Handcrafted organic skincare that rejuvenates, refreshes, and restores our fragile skin. Men and women love it.

Kesaradi Oil

This Beauty Elixir was created with a signature blend of precious saffron, rose, turmeric, and 16 other potent Ayurvedic herbs.

Mehfranz Fragrant Massage Oil

Mehfranz Oil works with the power of naturally aromatic, purifying Ayurvedic herbs to deodorize and keep the body smelling nice, fresh and clean!

Modernica Rufolia

Reduce the Look of Darkened, Sad, Wrinkled Under-Eyes + Brighten + Firm + Moisturize the First-to-Show-Aging Area on Your Face!

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