Sandgrens Clogs Review

I wouldn’t say I have a shoe fetish, but I’m definitely fussy about my footwear. A lot of the high-fashion, high-heeled and high-priced shoes may look svelte and chic but are incredibly painful to wear. I have a closet full of boxed shoes to back up this statement. When I look for shoes, I want them to be my sole mates. They need to be comfortable, well-fitting, durable, flexible and attractive. It may sound like a tall request, but I found a shoe company that offers these very attributes in their footwear.

Sandgrens Clogs is a Swedish company whose hobby and desire it is to create footwear that makes our feet happy. With their unique styles, innovative materials, and environmental consciousness we are guaranteed quality comfy footwear. Sandgrens is considered the oldest clog company in the world, so they have a lot of experience in creating the perfect clog. All their footwear is custom-made and proudly constructed to exceptionally high standards.

As I mentioned, I like comfortable shoes and these clogs sounded like they would be soothing to wear. They are made from the finest leather, and the soles are crafted from wood. I was attracted to the wooden sole instantly and was curious to see just how comfy they might be since I’d never worn clogs before. How unique and interesting to use wood!

The Sandgrens Clogs are very attractive, and I love the style and color variety they offer in shoes and boots for us gals. They also carry footwear for men and kiddos. I received a pair of their Philly clog boots which were lovingly handcrafted for cranky feet, like mine to enjoy.

The first thing I noticed was how impeccably well-made they are. The leather lines up perfectly with the sole, and all the metal studs are uniformly spaced. The stitching is beautifully done with great attention to detail, no loose threads or knots. The zipper is sewn in with expertise and glides with ease. I like the extra added touch of the boot pull tab and the voguish decorative bootstrap which can be removed to create a different look. Covering the sole is a nice rubber-like base that’s non-slip and offers some cushion and grip.

Wearing the Philly boots was a wonderful treat. One might think that a wooden base would feel like you’re walking on a block of wood, but no such thing. They are incredibly comfortable and warm. They look like they would be really heavy but they are actually quite light. There is ample room for your toes; I have narrow feet but square toes so tapered shoes are out for me. My toes have lots of wiggle room in these boots. Although the wooden base is not flexible, they offer a rocker motion which makes them easy to walk, stand and run in. I really enjoyed the feel on my feet.

I look super savvy in my Sandgren blue suede Philly’s. They look rustic enough for jeans and leggings and yet refined and swanky enough to wear with a skirt. I adore these boots! Swing by and check out their superb selection. Christmas is near with less than 45 days left and what a great gift idea Sandgren Clogs would make!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I received a product for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.