Sandgrens Savannah Clog Boots

Boots are fashion accessories that are trendy all year round. There are a plethora of styles on the market, but they have to meet my demands before I wear them. When I look for boots, I want them to be my sole mates, so they need to be comfortable, well-fitting, durable, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing. Sandgrens Swedish clogs always meet these essential requirements. They are a place where conscious wooden clogs are created, and fashion and comfort blend naturally!

I always look forward to Sandgren’s new arrivals, and this fall they released several styles of Clog Boots, and my favorite is the Savannah Boots.

Sandgrens Savannah clog boots for women reinvent the classic Sandgrens bootie with trendsetting simplicity as it takes on a stylish new design. The body is made from the finest Nubuck leather and the clog is made from European lime wood, finishing off with a durable rubber sole. The leather is precision-stapled to the authentic wooden clog base. The boots have a soft and cozy feel on the outside and will require some water protection. I find the wooden soles as interesting as the boot itself. You can see the grains of the wood which add texture, interest and a unique pattern.

Buckles on boots are in, and I love them. These fashion-forward clogs feature dual metallic decorative buckles; one wraps gently around the ankle and the other in front of the foot. The result is stunning.

The Savannah wooden clogs have a comfortable 2 – 5/8 inch heel, a non-skid rubber sole, a pull strap, and an inside zipper for slip-on ease. The stitching is always done impeccably and the fit is perfect. When you first get your Sandgrens boots, you’ll have a break-in period where the soles will mold to your feet. It doesn’t take that long and you’ll love how they feel. I can wear them all day without feeling any discomfort.

They’re hot, feminine, and they make you look lean and lovely. They look fabulous with jeans, leggings, tights, and even skirts. Sandgren’s boots are always my go-to footwear.

With simple chic styling yet functional sensibility, the Sandgrens Savannah clog boots put the fox in your trot, the stride in your step, the loco in your motion, the scootin’ in your boogie, and the stride in your swagger. Lookout 2017, Sandgrens are here to flirt their flair, set new fashion trends, and as always, comfort our feet.

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Sandgrens Clog Boots for review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.