Santa and Angel Crocheted Ornaments

There is no faster way to get into the holiday spirit than by creating a whole bunch of cute holiday ornaments. There are lots of free Christmas patterns available online to make a plethora of different ornaments. Crocheted ornaments are easy to make and require very little yarn. They don’t take to much time to make and you can’t break them. They’re also lightweight and make the tree look cozier.

Crocheted Santa Ornament

I saw a picture of this adorable crocheted Santa ornament a few weeks, but couldn’t find the pattern. So, I just followed the image and made my own version. He’s so cute. So, I was perusing the web looking for other patterns, and I did find a different version of the Santa ornament HERE. I think it’s written in Spanish, but you can use a translator to switch the content to English. You really don’t need a pattern, just count the stitches. Mine is a lot easier to make and only requires two main colors, plus a little bit of black for the eyes. It took me about five minutes to make one. I don’t sew buttons or beads on because I have four cats and they would probably eat them. I had a lot of fun making these for friends and family.

Angel Ornaments

Angels are also very popular among ornaments, and I see them on almost every Christmas tree. I found a free crocheted angel pattern on Ravelry. It requires crochet cotton, but I didn’t have any on hand. I just used some sports weight yarn, and they turned out okay.

The angel ornaments are super easy to make and require very little yarn or cotton. If you feel inspired, you could starch them so they keep their shape better. There are spray starches on the market, or you can make your own using sugar and water. Saturated your angels in sugar water, shape and let dry. It works really well. Happy crocheting.

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