Sauranti Nutritive Serum for Dry or Mature Skin

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As we age, our skin texture changes, and for most of us, not for the better. We lose collagen so our skin sags and we develop a plethora of unsightly wrinkles. We will also see an increase in freckles and age spots and our skin thins and our pores enlarge. Plus, our skin can become rougher and immensely dry which makes us look even older. There are a number of solutions, one is using quality skincare products. The Ajara Sauranti Nutritive Serum was created specifically to hydrate and rejuvenate dry and mature skin. And it works!

Let your senses soak in the sweet, soothing, citrusy blend of Sauranti – Ajara’s Face Nutritive Serum!

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The Ajara Sauranti Nutritive Serum is packed with potent ingredients designed to perk, rejuvenate, moisturize, and hydrate dry, mature skin. A blend of various revered and exquisite essential oils – Myrrh, Neroli, and Sweet Orange will leave your skin nourished and revitalized. Its alluring aromatic scent is calming and soothing to the spirit as well.

Each ingredient of Sauranti is a powerhouse of nutrition and rejuvenation. Imagine an avalanche of ayurveda benefits your skin would love to be immersed in… the amplified boost of hydration and nourishment your skin will soak in… so rich, uplifting and soothing.

*Its lightweight texture gets absorbed quickly and deeply into your skin
*Penetrative deep within, it hydrates your pores effectively
*With more moisture, your skin shines with revitalized pores
*Its calming effect strengthens your mind and body
*All in one solution for mature women and men facing a multitude of skin issues
*Helps restore the suppleness and firmness of your skin
*Its refreshing scent keeps negativity at arm’s length
*So much more

Use code Lilac10 to get 10% off!

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