Savoring the Holidays with Sweets from the Earth

It’s hard to believe Christmas is less than a month away. We have our first Christmas function coming up this weekend in our home with a few special friends, I know, already! Although I have spent many hours baking for the holidays, I just couldn’t make enough to cover all the parties and get-togethers we will be attending. But, I don’t want to serve just any baked goods that you can pick up at your local grocer as most of my friends coming to my party are vegan like me. Thankfully there are companies like Sweets From the Earth.

Sweets from the Earth offer us decadent, mouth-watering vegan treats. Their products are all-natural, 100% vegan, non-GMO, no preservatives, no artificial coloring, lactose-free, cholesterol, and peanut and nut-free. They have made every effort to create high-quality treats and I happen to utterly adore them. I’d love to share with you some of my favorite products if that’s possible.

They carry cookies, muffins, pies, tarts, loaves, cupcakes, bars & squares, cakes, frozen dough and oh my gosh they carry cheesecake too! There is something sweet for everyone. To savor these mouthwatering flavors was a celestial experience, to say the least. The Double Chocolate Cookies have a rich smooth chocolate flavor with lots of chocolate chips that will subside any craving.

The Flourless Cashew Cookies are sublime. These cookies will literally melt in your mouth. The creamy and velvety texture combined with the divine cashew flavor makes for a perfect snack.

If you like gooey and chewy then you will love the Hello Dolly bars. This multi-layered scrumptious bar offers everything your taste buds covet. It has sweet coconut and chocolate with pecans and graham crackers arranged in a superb ambrosial confection. It couldn’t get any better! The kids really loved this bar. I chopped a few of these bars up and added them to my bread pudding recipe; the crowd roared with excitement and acceptance. They loved the added flavor and texture to an otherwise simple dessert. I also served a few of these at a small tea get-together I had with the gals in my family. I cut the bars into six cubes, added a cherry on top, put a toothpick through it and the gals were delighted.

Sweets from the Earth also carry gluten-free products. You do not have to sacrifice taste and flavor for health reasons and that is very obvious with their Caramel Almond Shortbread. This delectable treat has oodles of almond slivers and rich, heavenly creamy caramel. It’s one of those desserts that you absolutely would save room for and I doubt you could stop at one.

All their products are soft, moist, abundant in flavor, and tasted like fresh homemade desserts and snacks. So if you’re looking for a vegan or healthier option to serve your family and guest, there is no need to look further. Sweets from the Earth have it all. Check out their website to see their vast selection of delicious snacks and click on the retailer’s link to see where you can purchase them locally. What a delicious Christmas this year is going to be!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.