Scrabble the Classic and Time Honored Game Plus

Board games are popular and a must in our home. We like to road-test new games to add variety to our leisure time, but we also enjoy the quintessential and time-honored games as well. Hasbro carries all kinds of board games that will resonate with every member of your family.

Recently, we got the opportunity to play Scrabble. It’s been years and years since I’ve played this word game. Scrabble has changed somewhat since I’ve played it. This new version has really upped its game, it’s edgier and requires scheming and manipulation with the tiles. Plus, now you can play in teams and earn more points.

Wow, they have 12 colored power tiles, some are blanks, others have stars on them, and they command 3 points, Woohoo. You can block and save with the star tiles; you place a star tile on a square you want to prevent your opponents from playing. This allows for strategy and some clever tactics. Don’t forget you can trade tiles with your teammates too!

With all the new components to the game, it can be super exciting for some and perhaps a little overwhelming for others. We still love to play the good ole classic way. I found that the kids really think about their words and try to come up with more mature ones. It’s a great game to improve your spelling skills and learn new words. We’re pretty relaxed and make allowances and include slang words too. It’s all about having fun. I admit that some of us adults will play way into the night trying to outwit each other. We love it!
 2 – 4 players Recommended for ages 8+. Scrabble can be purchased at any big box or toy store.

Disclaimer:  I received a product for review only. The views expressed here are my own, yours may differ.