Self Care Energy Healing Books

Energy healing modalities have been increasing in popularity over the last few decades. While many are turning to energy work, some still consider these healing techniques woo-woo. A lot of people don’t believe energy medicine works, while some believe they are credible, but they don’t feel they work on themselves.

Energy healing is vibrational and works on removing blockages from the subtle bodies. They restore and rebalance our life force or chi, so our energy flows unhindered throughout our body. They are an alternative means of self-care and once you are adept at an energy medicine modality, it can be used on family and pets as well. So where do we start? You can take physical classes and online courses on a variety of different energy medicines or if you just want to test the waters or are more reserved, there are lots of books on the market that will assist you in learning some of these life-changing techniques. Here are two books that promote self-care through mindful energy work.

Self Reiki

reiki energy healing

Reiki (ray-key) is one of the most popular energy modalities and it’s practiced worldwide. I took the first two levels with a Reiki Master, and I learned a lot. It’s a healing art and spiritual practice using our hands over the body to share chi.

Self Reiki is divided into five sections, Introduction to Reiki, The Five Elements, Full Treatment, Well-Being Practices, and Healing Practices. The onset of the book introduces you to Reiki, it’s founder Mikao Usui, the benefits of using this modality and how it can be used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Reiki can be used to heal, reduce stress, alleviate pain, and increase relaxation.

reiki energy medicine

You’ll be introduced to 40 step-by-step Self Reiki practices that can be done anywhere, anytime. Some of these practices include the five elements and attunements. Plus, you’ll discover the four Reiki symbols and the mantras that work harmoniously with them. The Full Treatment shows you where to place your hands over the seven main chakras and what they represent. The Well-Being and Healing Practices share how to increase energy flow into the mind, body, and spirit with numerous techniques. Some of these include Forest Bathing, Manifestation Ritual, Morning Meditation, Unblock Your Energy, Breaking Negative Habits and many more.

Self Reiki is a practical and useful guide that can bring peace, radiance, and balance to your life. It’s a great way to learn this amazing modality. If you are interested in learning more, Udemy has many Reiki courses that can expand your knowledge even further.

Trigger Points

trigger points energy medicine

Trigger Points is another healing modality book that teaches us how to use this bodywork technique. Trigger points are knots in our bodies that can cause pain and uncomfortable tension. With pressure and massage, we can work the tension out and feel unbelievable relief.

Trigger Points is divided into two main categories Getting Started and Trigger-Point Treatments. Each has several sub-categories that we can hone expert advice on. The onset of the book is important to read first as it teaches you what trigger points are, how they occur, how to find them, how to treat them and additional tools to assist in reaching these points.

Trigger points

Have you ever touched an area in your body that is tender and even more painful when you add some pressure? That could be an indication you have a knot or blockage. It’s interesting to note that pain in one area of the body can be a result of an injury in another part of your body.

The next section in the book will hone in specific areas of the body and the steps needed to obtain relief. Each body area offers an abundance of information from how your trigger point developed, symptoms, possible pain patterns, along with written and visual illustrative steps to navigate them. I found this book quite informative and gleaned a lot of tips about trigger points and the power of touch. If you’d like to learn more in-depth information about trigger or energy points, MindValley carries an abundance of courses from beginner to advanced. Eden Energy Medicine is probably the best and will change your life profoundly.

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