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Self-care means you have the ability, awareness, mindset, and willingness to make healthy decisions and changes for the betterment of your life. The last few years have been uncommonly difficult and challenging and have put stressors on all of us, including our children. Now more than ever is it essential to love and nurture ourselves and take care of our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health. And we do this while still balancing our professional, educational and creative health. That can be a heavy load to lug around if we are living in default. With some introspection, support, and an action plan, we can make the big, small, or somewhere in between changes we need for a better 2022.

Right now we have to be our own biggest hero and savior and step up for ourselves. But we won’t be able to make any changes if we are not focused and willing to take the time to invest in ourselves. It all starts with our mental strength, emotional commitment, and some organizational skills. Here are two tools that will start the little shifts we need to make.

One Question a Day for Self-Care: A Three-Year Journal

One Question a Day for Self-Care: A Three-Year Journal

The One Question a Day for Self-Care: A Three-Year Journal allow us to put our mental health first. It’s a fun and positive action and healthy habit we can engage in daily that will track our self-care journey. At the top of each page, there is a question or prompt that encourages a positive thought, direction, and action. Below them are 3 spaces for 3 different years. Write down the current year in the first space and then we can share our insights, reflections, thoughts, or what action we took that day. Here we can nurture your feelings, foster some wellness formulas and understand our personal patterns. Here are a few prompts from the beginning of the year that you can reflect on now. secret code: small wonders

Jan 1: Light a candle each day and make a wish for yourself. What’s today’s wish?
Jan 2: Who or what can you always rely on?
Jan 3: What should you stop feeling guilty about?
Jan 4: What starts your morning off right? It could be a warm cup of tea, an extra minute in the shower, a quick walk, or anything that just feels good.

2022 National Park Foundation Planner

2022 National Park Foundation Planner

It’s hard for us to be successful if we are not organized. The 2022 National Park Foundation Planner will allow you to accomplish all our tasks, errands and jobs, and make it to all our appointments and meetings. Each week features a stunning photo of a national park in the US along with some history and things to see and do in that area.

2022 National Park Foundation Planner

Features include:
• “6 x 9” trim size with spiral wire binding for easy, lay-flat writing
• Two planner sticker sheets with over 160 inspirational and organizational stickers for adults
• Environmentally responsible, FSC certified and smudge-free paper
• Striking, full-color photography throughout with 53 total featured park sites
• Sturdy jacket for durability with an internal pocket perfect for storing notes, receipts or mementos
• Monthly and weekly spreads with ample writing space for planning
• Fresh, matte cover design and removable cover band
• Calendar year at a glance
• Holidays and observances

I like that we can view each month at a glance to perspective on our to-dos and weekly to hone in on our immediate tasks and appointments. It’s a beautiful planner and it will inspire us to keep things on track.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


  1. Who couldn’t use a little more organization in their lives? I particularly like the One Question a Day for Self-Care: A Three-Year Journal.

  2. I would love to win this because I love National Parks and plan on camping at them all someday in my life. I also really need a new planner for this year and this one is beautiful.

  3. I started my self care this year by focusing on hydration and my mental health. I am spending the winter building out a camper van for full time vanlife. A 3 year journal would be such an amazing asset to all my plans and dreams.

  4. I never thought to journal about self care before. I really like the question a day. It seems to give you a spark to write. I am focusing on self care a little more this year.

  5. I would love to win this for my Sister, she is a super busy new mom and teacher and this would be just perfect for her!

  6. That’s good advice that we need to take care of ourselves ! Yes, and this prize is more than just an advice !

  7. I am not the greatest person when it comes to self-care, so this journal would be a great way to help. I am also a list person. You know the joke, “she has a list of her lists” that’s me, so I would love the planner. Happy New Year!

  8. While I use my phone’s calendar for a lot of things, I often prefer to write things down – it seems more intentional

  9. I love these to use for self care and the mountains are where we long to be. I need them to stay organized too.

  10. Because I love National Parks and I want to be more intentional this year and this planner would be perfect for that.

  11. I love reading articles on Self Care, this selection is amazing. The journal would be a great idea starting this year.

  12. My life feels pretty ambiguous right now. No idea what I want to do with the rest of my life! Maybe these are the tools I need to get headed in a positive direction?

  13. I think because of all the Covid stuff happening & certain health care problems in my family I could sure use some self-care.

  14. I want to take more time to myself this year and this would help me to get organized in order to do that.

  15. I really like the idea of being more intentional about self care, including my mental health. I think the prompts would be interesting to reflect over.

  16. Bullet journals and planners are some of my favourite activities. I love lists, itineraries and planning out my families days. These are perfect.

  17. I would love to win this prize because I need to practice more self care, mindfulness, and stay organized this year to achieve my goals. It also helps that the planner has exquisite images to help me stay motivated. This would be a dream come true to win!

  18. This looks like such a great planner! and with my first baby due in some 10 days I could definitely use some help navigating the year ahead 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  19. I love the idea of an organized 3 year journal. I do the one year at a time and then lose track of what happened a year or 2 years ag.

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