Self Reliance Mastery

SRM-LOGO-300x123Technology has never been more advanced than it is today, and new ideas, developments, and products are popping up constantly. There is no question that technology has improved and changed our lives with state-of-the-art everything. But is all this technology a good thing? Has it gone too far or even become terrifying with, for example, genetically altering food, animals and even humans? Don’t get me wrong, I love having the convenience of modern appliances and gadgets, but have we become so dependent on technology that we’ve forgotten how to live independently of it?

Would we know what to do during an emergency? What if you or a family member is injured, what would we do? Where would we get access to clean water, food or shelter? Our ancestors knew because they lived self-reliant lives and mastered the art of survival out of necessity. Thankfully today, many people are tapping into and recognizing the need to return to our roots and live self-sustaining lives. They’ve reconnected with nature, learned from her, and have become self-reliant in a multitude of areas. These knowledgeable souls are now educating the public with their expertise and advice so we can enjoy the same lasting and profound benefits in our lives as well.

So how do we get access to this vital information? Through the awesome Self Reliance Mastery Course created by the enlightened Nathan Crane.

Self Reliance Mastery

Nathan has searched out and interviewed top self-reliant masters and has gathered this life-changing information in his Self Reliance Mastery Course. This online site is a one-stop-shop for the latest in self-reliance, sustainability, and survival advice, training, and resources. You’ll have access to up-to-date videos, audios, ebooks, and transcripts that cover topics that will change your life forever. Every month new content, new audios, new ebooks, and new training resources are added so we can stay on top of all issues.

The topics covered are vast, and you’ll glean valuable insight on each. There is a least one author’s expertise in each area.
*Collecting, Storing & Purifying Water
*Conscious Economy
*Conscious Survival Skills
*Foraging and Wild Edibles

*Growing Your Own Food
*Renewable Sustainable, and Emergency Power
*Self Reliant Mindset
*Sustainable Community
*Sustainable Medicine

One of my favorite topics is Sustainable Medicine. I prefer to use herbs as remedies as opposed to pharmaceuticals. Included in this section is a list of the Top 25 Herbs to Consider for Post Disaster and Remote Environments. A colored image of each herb is shown so you can see what they look like, plus info on prep, use and contraindications. This list was compiled by Sam Coffman, who is the founder and director of The Human Path – a survival school near San Antonio, Texas.

Another audio I enjoyed was Natural Sustainable Dentistry with Doug Simons. He offers insight and holistic advice on natural dental care. You’ll learn that our teeth are alive, how their circulatory system works, how we can maintain their integrity, and how to heal them when damage occurs. He touches on proper nutrition which is necessary for our teeth and bodies to function optimally. I learned that our teeth are re-mineralized by our saliva, but the glycerin in toothpaste coats our teeth for long periods of time, so the important re-mineralization process gets blocked. This is something we want to avoid, as our teeth will suffer from this action. Additional information is shared on how to repair cracks, chips, cavities, and rebuild your teeth. I was impressed with the remarkable wisdom and advice shared, everyone should listen to it!

Building, Joining, and Growing Sustainable Community: A interview with¬†Alokananda, lead singer of Suns of the Earth, goes into depth about sustainable community, ecovillages, and conscious music. Alokananda’s has lived in India & Costa Rica and was called to learn more about sustainability. His goal is to inspire more people to live in harmony with and heal the planet and each other.

Sustainable, Renewable, and Emergency Power shares clever ways to get power and electricity in any kind of situation whether it’s during an emergency, or if you just want to be more self-reliant.

Become an Expert at Growing Your Own Food. Zach Weiss of Elemental Ecosystems shares his passion for ecosystem regeneration and greenhouses. He mentored under Sepp Holzer, an Austrian rebel farmer who took a piece of cold and barren hillside land and turned it into a gorgeous paradise rich property with ponds and fruit trees. Permaculture is using the synergy of water, earth, sun, air, and creating living ecosystems to enhance the vitality, productivity, and beauty of landscapes.

I’m blown away with all the subjects and the detailed information shared on each. They offer us the tools, resources and know how to be successful in each area. Nathan has condensed this information into a book with the same name Self Reliance Mastery.

For those who might want insight on what the Self-Reliant Mastery Course offers, this book has sixteen chapters that covers a multitude of self-reliant subjects. I’ve learned a lot from the book alone; it’s a great hands-on resource and a must-have for every home. Both the Self-Reliance Mastery course and book are brimming with life-changing information that will encourage our self-reliant growth. We no longer have to be vulnerable, defenseless or clingy to technology. With the information shared via these resources, we can live vibrant, healthy, balanced, and self-sustaining lives. We’ll also be prepared for any situation, any time of year.

If you are interested in becoming more self-sustaining, then I’d highly recommend the book and the course. They will definitely change your views and perhaps your life. What an awesome gift both of these would make!