Sherlock Holmes & The Twelve Thefts of Christmas

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Arthur Conon Doyle has mesmerized readers since 1887 when A Study in Scarlet was released. It was here that the public was introduced to the world’s only consulting detective of his time, Sherlock Holmes. Then on October 14, 1892, he released the first of a series of short publications featuring this methodical detective, in the Strand Magazine. Sherlock Holmes was known by Scotland Yard, Dr. Watson, and most villains for his impeccable observation, deductive reasoning, use of forensic science, and logical reasoning to solve perplexing cases that even bewildered Detective Inspector Lestrade! If Sherlock is on the case, you don’t have a chance!

Sherlock Holmes & The Twelve Thefts of Christmas

Doyle went on to write four novels and around 56 stories headlining Sherlock Holmes. As the name and persona of this illustrious detective are now public domain, other authors have taken up the task of bringing Sherlock back to life and solving baffling cases. Sherlock Holmes & The Twelve Thefts of Christmas is a timely new release with the detective deducing clues in the seediest parts of foggy London to solve some yuletide crimes.

The book starts off during Christmas and Holmes was gifted two tickets to the Theatre Royal, and box seats no less. The tickets are from a previous client, but one who was not of good character – you see by trade he was a forger. But nonetheless, Sherlock cleared him of the crime, but it left him in poor standing with his criminal cohorts. So, this exorbitant gift must be a trap. Will Sherlock go? There are lots of twists, turns, and surprises in this book. I’ll give you a hint. Irene Adler is back and she is interfering with Sherlock’s ability to concentrate on his other clients’ urgent needs.

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