Nasty Signs That You Have Parasites

Parasites, we all have them and they’re everywhere. The most common are Trichinella, Hookworm, Flukes, Pinworm, and Dientamoeba FragilisThey are in restrooms, on keyboards, shopping carts, doorknobs, pets, water, air, food, etc. They can cause a myriad of symptoms from exhaustion to depression to strong cravings for processed and sugary foods, to teeth grinding, and much more.


Once the parasites are in you, they will multiply at an accelerated rate. Tapeworms can grow as long as 30 feet, and roundworms can lay as many as 300,000 eggs in a single day. Single-celled amoebas can start devouring your brain.

Parasites feast on the foods you eat and then they poop their waste into your bloodstream, lungs, organs, thus making your sick. Parasites may even be the cause of the many illnesses that cannot be explained. Are you feeling off, like you know something is not quite right? Are you craving sugary and junk foods? Cramps? Gas? Itching? Breathing problems? Memory fog? Thank the parasites.

So, how do you know if you have parasites? Here’s a list of some of the symptoms commonly associated with a parasite infection. Some of them will surprise you. How many of them do you have?

♥ Mood disorders: irritable, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts
♥ Recurring yeast infections like Candida
♥ Headaches
♥ Bleeding gums
♥ Grinding teeth and drool while asleep
♥ Memory problems
♥ Sore or stiff joints
♥ Anemia or iron deficiency
♥ Skin ailments: hives, rash, weeping eczema, acne
♥ Strong craving for processed and sugary foods
♥ A constant cough
♥ Fever and vomiting
♥ Abdominal cramps and gas
♥ Burning sensation in stomach
♥ IBS – irritable bowel syndrome
♥ Insomnia

Natural Parasite Remedies

If you believe you have parasites, it’s important that you consult a doctor or healthcare provider first. There are many tests that can determine if you are infected with parasites. There are many effective over the counter medications and some natural remedies as well.

♥ Garlic is a Godsend and its benefits far extend culinary uses. Today, garlic is revered in alternative medicine as a natural organic solution to many health issues. The active components in garlic, allicin and ajoene, kill parasites. Garlic is able to slow and kill over sixty types of fungus and twenty types of bacteria, and even some potent viruses. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiparasite properties. Garlic is advantageous for digestive issues and an intestinal worm infestation, so don’t be afraid to use several cloves every day.

♥ Wormwood Tea has been shown to be effective against parasites by paralyzing or destroying them. One report recommends drinking wormwood tea at least 3 times a day for 2 weeks to possibly clear a parasite infection. Use with caution in certain medical conditions like pregnancy and breastfeeding.

♥ Special compounds in the Green Hulls of Black Walnut is a really good parasite treatment. Apparently, it’s toxic to parasites. It’s been used for many centuries to remove various types of worms, including parasites.

♥ Cloves have a few powerful attributes of their own. They contain a powerful germicidal agent called eugenol and caryophyllene a potent antimicrobial agent.

♥ The humble pumpkin seed’s natural fat has the ability to kill eggs because it’s toxic to parasite eggs. Curcurbitin also has the ability to cripple and incapcitate worms.

All parasites are bothered by different things, so it’s beneficial to take a variety of foods. This is why many shelf products contain so many ingredients, it’s tough to kill all parasites with a few simple herbs.

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