Silly Kids Books on Parents

Growing up we were taught an abundance of life skills like manners, how to be respectful, being honest, listening before you speak, admitting your mistakes, always believing in yourself, and many more lessons. We learned right from wrong and we were expected to put this information to use in our lives. Our parents did this because they wanted us to grow up to be responsible adults and good parents ourselves. These lessons were so ingrained that if our mom or dad preached the opposite, the hairs on our spine would tingle.

But our parents had different teaching skills that were no doubt obvious to us. We kinda knew how our parents would respond, so if they contradicted themselves, we’d raise more than our eyebrows. That is the premise of two new kid’s books I enjoyed reading from Schiffer Books.

All The Things Mom Will Never Say is a cute and hilarious book about comments a mom would never say. The quotes are paired with captivating and colorful illustrations that kids and adults will get a chuckle out of. Don’t go to bed so early! You have school tomorrow. Said no mother ever! 

All The Things Dad Will Always Say is another silly book about optimistic yet contradicting dads. Sometimes they’re full of puff and a little exasperating on the family. The illustrative images are funny and amplify the humor in the quote. Do dads really know best? Of course, they do, that’s why they are dads! Not!! Both are great books for kids of all ages, and parents too.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.