Skechers Boots For the Holidays

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Living in Canada means loving and accepting certain winter conditions; heaving snowfall, snow squalls, blizzards, extremely cold temperatures, and where I live, strong and gusty winds. Who’d want to live anywhere else? We’ve learned how to dress for Canadian winters and there are certain must-haves we include in our cold weather sartorial. This gear includes warm and cozy coats, hats, scarves, gloves, and very importantly toe snuggly footwear.

Boots do not have to look homely or unpretentious to be considered the warmest or hardiest for our winters. Skechers has some of the most stylish, fashion kicking boots this season that put the “awe” in awesome. Their 2013 Holiday Gift Guide is loaded with fabulous footwear for the whole family. I admit I’m fussy about my footwear and I haven’t had a nice pair of boots in, well at least a decade. Perusing through their catalog, I found a pair of boots that I think are stunning.

The Keepsakes Easy Peasy Tall Suede boots are quite attractive and suit my style nicely. They are made from 100% genuine soft suede leather and come with a soft fabric lining. Their look is trendy, snazzy, and urbane so they go well with any outfit. They completely up your style with their posh faux fur trim collar, metal studs, swanky buckles, and stitching accents.

There’s nothing like walking in a winter wonderland until you slip, fall, and injure yourself because you wore inadequate footwear. For snowy and icy days I want a flat heel; I’m tall and perhaps not the most graceful of winter walkers. Thankfully the Keepsakes have an outsole that’s made from flexible rubber with lots of grooves for traction. I found them really stable,  comfortable, and easy to walk in while maintaining an upward position; I haven’t fallen yet. The insole and inner lining are cushy, comfy, and keep the toes pleasantly warm. So far I’ve only worn them in -10 C and my feet and toes were very warm.

The shaft is nice and tall, boasting 11 3/4 inches with a 3/4 length side zipper for easy slip-on. I like my legs warm so having a shaft long enough to cover the majority of my calf area is a bonus. The toes are nice and round offering plenty of wiggle room. It’s important to mention that these boots need to be sprayed with a water repellent so they are protected from winter moisture.

I adore these boots. I think they are practical for everyday use; yet en vogue enough for an evening out. They’re fetching, durable, steady, comfortable and notably warm and those are attributes I want in a winter boot! The weather outside is frightful, but my Skechers boots are delightful… what a fabulous gift these would make! Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.