Skechers Gorun Strada Shoes

Mother’s Day has transcended so much over the years. The standard box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers are slowly being etched out for gifts that are more personal and resonate with our mom’s wants. For me, I like wellness gifts, whether it’s a book, crystals, an exercise DVD or awesome footwear like Skechers.

Skechers are globally recognized for their high performance, high quality and lifestyle footwear. They offer a diverse selection of shoes that work with anyone’s personality and needs. I’m a huge fan of Skechers, and the Gorun line offers everything my feet demand.

Skechers Gorun Strada Shoes
I have narrow feet, but square toes, so very often I suffer chafing on my small toes. It’s painful and totally affects my disposition. When my feet are in agony, you will hear me roar. The Gorun Strada are immensely comfortable; they are wide at the toe and allow for lots of wiggle room, no chafing, no pain, or burning, just total relief.

Skechers Gorun insoles

Wearing the Gorun Strada has been a joyful experience during my runs and walks, and I owe my comfort to their remarkable attributes. First I want to mention how incredibly lightweight and breathable they are. If you’re an avid exerciser, then you know that heavy shoes and sweaty feet can cut your run or walk short. Been there! I also want to mention the insoles; they’re uber soft, thick cushioned and very comfy. Your feet just sink in and enjoy the relaxing space. These insoles are also removable so if you happen to wear orthotics, it’s doable in these rockstars. They also offer really good arch support. In the past, I’ve felt a burning in my arches because the insole lack and kind of support and that seriously affects your performance.

skechers gorun sole

The sole offers ample rubber for great stability, support, and traction. The combo of the insole and outer sole buffers each impact nicely so you’re not feeling any strain on your heels or knees. The uppers are made from a stretchy mesh that allows for lots of flexibility and breathability. The midfoot has lots of gorgeous stitched overlays with contrasting colors that connect with the laces and well, just looks so great. There’s also lots of padding around the ankle collar and tongue for a smooth ride.

Another awesome feature is the Agion powerful scent protection. I think we all know how stinky our runners can smell after awhile. With this built-in odor control, your shoes will maintain a more pleasant and neutral aroma.

They come in four funky and wild color combinations that begged to be noticed. Talk about style! Each pair also comes with two pairs of harmoniously colored laces.

I’ve been wearing the Gorun Strada for a few weeks now and I have to boast that they are by far the nicest and most comfortable runner’s I worn to date. They navigate through different terrain easily, are basically slip-resistant and feel so good to wear. Skechers has never let me down. If you’re looking for a comfortable, durable, dependable, lightweight and fashionable runner for yourself or a Mother’s Day gift, then the Gorun Strada checks all the boxes. I love them!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.