Smart People Don’t Diet

So, another year is rolling around and after a few weeks of gorging and gratifying ourselves with decadent goodies, we’re turning our attention to dieting, again! It’s our number one resolution, again! You strum through the plethora of diet books or programs you have, deciding which one to try, again! I think we’re clever enough to discern that diets don’t really work. Only by changing our lifestyle and mindset can we be successful in our endeavor. A new book that will help get us there is Smart People Don’t Diet, How the Latest Science Can Help You Lose Weight Permanently.

smart people don't diet

So, what makes this book different? It’s written by Charlotte N. Markey, PH.D. She’s a professor of the psychology of eating and has researched eating behaviors and body image issues for several years. She’s also successfully dealt with her own battle of the bulge, so she’s walked the walk. Now she’s culminated all her findings and has written this awesome book sharing her insight.

When the word diet is mentioned, we automatically envision an arduous event void of food. For the most part, it’s true. Mention diet with exercise together and you can feel your joy been totally sucked out of our life. Even before you start your program, you’re already thinking how you can cheat and/or skip out on our workouts!! Right? Why is this? Because our approach, outlook, and diets are not serving us.

Diets don’t work because the diet industry sets everyone up for failure, they want you to endure an endless struggle of ups and downs in your weight. They promise you’ll lose huge amounts of weight in a few short weeks, and it might work for a while, but that’s neither reasonable or safe.

The Smart People Don’t Diet book doesn’t offer short-term help, it offers a slow but sure solution so you can finally live your life and not focus on food anymore. The book is written and organized in chronological order so you can take the advice and try out the steps in proper succession. You’ll be able to take the information in and absorb it chapter by chapter and gradually morph it into your life. That’s part of our problem, we want instant results instead of learning a new method, a new attitude and a new manner of eating that can spare us the incessant yo-yo dieting.

This book is so well written that you’ll find it hard to put down. It’s filled with old and new sound direction and recommendations. It’s time to be free of our diet misery and step up to a better way of eating. This book will guide and motivate you intelligently through your wellness journey!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.