Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature Encyclopedia

Being out in nature is revitalizing and restoring to one’s spirit. The beauty, fresh air, forests, flowers, fauna, bugs, butterflies, animals, and more remove any exhaustion we carry and replace it with a peaceful joy. Kids love to connect with Mother Nature so they can explore and discover all her attributes. Melodic birds, thundering waterfalls, animal tracks, colorful insects, and towering trees, make families want to spend more time being outside. But if we want to see what’s below the surface and beyond the obvious, books like the Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature will fill in those intricate details and share a deluge of hidden secrets.

Explanatorium of Nature

The Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature is a detailed encyclopedia that puts you at the core of the action. With true-life photography and vivid illustrations, you’ll experience nature at its depths. This impressive compendium is divided into 10 stimulating chapters:

  • The Basics of Life
  • Microorganisms and Fungi
  • Plants
  • Invertebrates
  • Fishes
  • Amphibians
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Mammals
  • Habitats

Each chapter is packed with stunning facts, interesting finds, microscopic formations, and riveting features. With astounding close-ups, cross-sections, enlarged 2-page images, and even X-rays, young readers will find themselves absorbed in the content and learn how nature works.

Sharks are one of the most feared predators in the underwater world. Did you know they have rotating teeth? What this means is that they can lose and regrow rows of teeth thousands of times. New rows grow in the gum tissue behind the front row, gradually pushing them forward until they eventually fall out.

Ever hear of Sea Anemones? They may look like underwater flowers, but they’re actually animals that brace against the seafloor with their mouths pointing upwards. They have stinging, muscular tentacles that wave around in the water to capture their prey.

From ants to flowers to tropical grasslands to elephants to whales, the animal and plant kingdoms are explored and explained in extraordinary detail. There is so much to learn! The Explanatorium of Nature is a great educational tool, especially with the uncertainty of when schools will reopen.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own.