Smithsonian Ocean Visual Encyclopedia

As big and amazing as our planet is above sea level, there is an enchanting world hidden in the depths of our deep blue oceans. While some may prefer to wade along tranquil shores, there are those who long to know more about marine life and underwater landscapes. Children are fascinated with aquatic life and The Smithsonian Ocean, a Visual Encyclopedia is a perfect resource for learning about our 5 beautiful oceans, the 7 seas, and the creatures that live in them.

Ocean encyclopedia

The Smithsonian Ocean Visual Encyclopedia was created specifically with young children in mind. It’s a comprehensive guide packed bursting with intriguing facts and stunning photography. It not only features aquatic life, but children will also learn about ocean explorers, ocean weather, shipwrecks, seas, lagoons and so much more. This amazing encyclopedia is divided into seven captivating chapters:

Each of the chapters features big bold photos and easy-to-grasp information. Each topic is explained within two pages so kids are not overwhelmed with too much material. Some topics will include additional graphs, impressive illustrations, magnified images, data boxes with compelling details, Fast Facts, and Wow Facts.

The ocean has so much to teach children from the variety of seaweeds, to tidal shores to mangrove swamps to underwater volcanoes, to coral reefs, to tsunamis to ocean minerals. The information is so engrossing, it’s hard to put the book down. Did you know the ocean has underwater secret gardens? Underwater meadows contain seagrasses that have roots, stems and even grow flowers. Did you know that the Megamouth Shark was only discovered in 1976? Did you know that sea otters will wrap kelp around their bodies so they don’t drift away with the current? The Smithsonian Ocean Visual Encyclopedia is filled with so many fascinating facts, that kids will explore this book from cover to cover. It’s a great addition to any family library.

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