Smucker’s Simple Blends

Growing up, my Mom put a lot of love and effort into making homemade foods. She did a lot of canning and made delicious jams and preserves. We were really lucky and sometimes she will still make some homemade jam. When I had my family I was not so inclined to be as ambitious in the kitchen. I bought all my jams at the grocery store.

Smucker’s has been in my family for many years. They arrived in Canada some 20 years ago and have made a delectable impression on Canadian families SMUCKER’S GIVES CANADIANS MORE WAYS TO SIMPLIFY YOUR FAMILY’S BREAKFAST ROUTINE WITH QUALITY INGREDIENTS, EASY TIPS, AND TASTY RECIPE IDEAS.

Smuckers jams and recipes

I personally love their Orange Marmalade and Apricot jam. Smucker’s is the leading brand in jams, jellies, and marmalades in Canada and offers us a variety of high-quality delicious products. Smucker’s is every mother’s best friend when it comes to supplying our families with quality jams and jellies. They use only natural ingredients and they don’t use any preservatives or artificial colours. Like all Smucker’s jams and fruit spreads, fruit is the first ingredient in Smucker’s Simple Blends fruit spreads.

Other attributes:
* Is sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice and white grape juice concentrate
* Full of delicious fruit

I recently had a lot of fun creating some meals with Smucker’s Simple Blends fruit spread. Smucker’s has delicious creative ideas for all meals. One of their breakfast recipes is PB & J Swirled Oatmeal Pancakes, in a word: heavenly! My whole family absolutely loved them.

* Smucker’s Simple Blends Wildberry fruit spread – a unique combination of wild blueberry, boysenberry, raspberry, and cranberry! Yummy!

Included in the ingredients are Simple Blends Wildberry fruit spread and peanut butter. I’ve never put either in my pancake batter before but it sounded so delicious and inviting. The results were mouthwatering. They smelled wonderful while I was frying them and I had no trouble waking my family up. Everyone loved them and ate more than usual. They were a nice change from the normal batter I use. We added fresh organic fruit and a dollop of the Wildberry fruit spread on top and they became history.

Another of  Smucker’s ambrosial recipes is the Muesli Parfait. These little dainty beauties take about 10 minutes to whip up.

* Smucker’s Simple Blends Summer fruit spread – a delicious blend of strawberry, red cherry and raspberry. I love this combination.

As you can imagine everyone had fun making their own parfait. The combinations are really endless. You add some of your favorite cereal or oats, a layer of yogurt – we used organic soy yogurt, and then a layer of Simple Blends fruit spread. You could also add chopped nuts and fruit too for more variety. We used both the Summerberry and the Fieldberry varieties in the parfaits. They were so exquisite tasting and very appealing to the eye. Some kids leave home without having breakfast, but it is important to get your metabolism in gear and keep the brain functioning optimally. I believe the Smucker’s Parfait would entice any child to sit down and enjoy their breakfast.

Almost every morning I make a tray of homemade Spelt Biscuits and I decided to incorporate Smucker’s Simple Blends fruit spread. I made two different kinds, with one biscuit I created a hollow in the center and added a dollop of jam on top. With the second biscuit, I put a dollop of jam in the center and completely covered it. The results were so amazing. I did not need to add any sugar at all.

* Smucker’s Simple Blends Fieldberry fruit spread – a mouth-watering blend of strawberry and boysenberry! Delish!

I thought they turned out magnificently. The kids thought I was a sweet genius. The smell was inviting and the colour of the jam was vivid and attractive. The Smucker’s fruit spread made them so tasty and we enjoyed every bite. I think these biscuits would also make a delicious healthy breakfast or snack.

The kids also made the Toasted Banana Dog recipe which I found at Smucker’ A lot of the time, they won’t eat fruit or just a little. This recipe really lured them in and encouraged them to eat their banana’s.

Smucker’s has really surprised me with their ideas and a variety of recipes, I found them very useful. There is more to Smucker’s than just breakfast. You can also download free Recipe Booklets. Christmas is less than 4 months away and I’m already thinking about what kind of desserts to make. This year I think I’ll add Smucker’s Simple Blends to the ingredients. If you like to plan ahead like me check out the Holiday recipes and start making some sweet decisions. Get creative.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for writing this post. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.