Snowy Day Storybooks for Kids

As we embark on another winter season with frigid and frosty temperatures, it means less playtime outdoors and more time for indoor activities. Although it’s fun to build snowmen, make snow angels or have some snowball fights, the cold air can chill us to the bone and in search of a warm and cozy place where there is a soft warm blanket, hot chocolate and a crackling fireplace.

I personally find watching the snow gently fall down very tranquil, mesmerizing and kinda magical. Kids on the other hand can get bored rather quickly and need something more tangible to occupy them. This is the perfect time to bring out some of their favorite storybooks or maybe some new titles and enjoy an afternoon of reading. Books spark children’s imaginations, inspire creativity, encourage dreams, increase empathy, improve language skills, and cultivate a passion for reading. I like to add new storybooks to our family library often and these titles are our newest additions.

Time for School Little Blue Truck storybook

The Little Blue Truck is a popular series of storybooks that kids adore. He’s a kind and loving truck that is helpful and knows the meaning of friendship. In this story, Little Blue Truck sees a school bus picking up all the little animals and taking them to school. He wished he could be a school bus, but he’s not big, yellow nor has a lot of seats. But, one little piggy missed the bus and Little Blue Truck comes to the rescue. Written in a rhyming format, kids will enjoy how much fun this story is to read. Beep! Beep! Vroom! The storyline is positive, the illustrations are bright and colorful and it teaches a healthy lesson on kindness. Ages 4-7 years.

If animals went to school - snowy day storybooks

Toddlers are naturally inquisitive about school and pretend they are going to class when they see their older siblings leaving in the morning. Animals Went to School is a delightful board book for preschoolers that are eager to learn all about school. This storybook will take young readers into the classroom where little critters learn and have fun. Goats would eat books, dingos would howl, owls would hoot, lemurs would climb and the teacher Ms. Cheetah would purr. The illustrations are bright and cheerful and kids will adore the story. Ages 0-3 years.

Little Bat - snowy day storybooks

Little Bat In Night School is a delightful story about an excited student eager to attend school. But, like any new place, it can be scary. It’s not easy to make new friends especially if they already know other kids. This is what happened to Little Bat. He tried to make friends with other bats, but they didn’t want to include him. So, he flew into a cubby and happened to meet another scared critter, a possum named Ophelia. Soon, they become good friends and the other classmates open up as well. School is becoming more enjoyable every day. It features captivating illustrations and a positive message. With the help of Little Bat and his adorable classmates, readers will see that spreading your wings is easy when you listen, act with kindness, and take a chance on new friends. secret code: raccoon. Ages 4-7 years

The new kid has fleas - fun storybooks

Like any classroom, when a new kid arrives, it’s easy to make assumptions because they are different. They look different, dress different, eat different foods and may even have an accent when they talk. The New Kids Has Fleas storybook is about preconceived ideas, rumors, karma, and not just being the new kid, but befriending them. In this story, a new little girl is very different from the other kids and she is not afraid to be herself much to the chagrin of the other kids. When one boy is paired with her for a school project, his views change. Ages 3-6 years

Disclaimer: I received complimentary storybooks to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.