SnuggleRoo Baby Bean Bag

In the past decade or so, baby gear and furniture have been really streamlined and morphed into a new breed of eco-friendly and practical equipment. It wasn’t that long ago that moms literally hauled their babies in cumbersome and heavy seats, carriers and strollers. Now, there are enlightened and clever companies that have strategically formulated remarkable products with not only baby safety and comfort in mind but also with mom’s and dad’s contentment being addressed. One such company is SnuggleRoo.

SnuggleRoo has designed a unique bean bag chair that’s specific for babies and toddlers. The creator of SnuggleRoo struggled to find an infant chair that conformed to all her needs. She wanted a lightweight and durable chair that would grow with her kids, so she created one herself. And, what a great job she did! SnuggleRoo offers a nice balance between baby’s and mom’s needs and can be used when baby grows into a toddler. How awesome is that! It’s so cute and beaming with character.

I’ve seen a similar product on the market, but their quality is not even close to SnuggleRoo’s. A little more thought went into this design. The chair does not come with bean bag fill, this you can pick up at your local big-box store. At the top end of the chair, there is a small zipper compartment within another zipper compartment, where you will fill up the chair. The outer zipper does not include a zipper pull, I thought this was such a slick safety idea. It will prevent nosy and curious infants and even kids from getting access to the tiny styrofoam beads. It’s recommended to use about 80% of the fill for babies newborn to one year old. You would increase this amount for toddlers.

The chair is quite soft and allows for the ultimate in snuggly comfort. Your baby can sit upright and interact with the whole family and its environment. The little beans in the chair can be molded into a supportive and comfortable position for the baby’s head and body. The same holds for acid reflux, reshape the chair and baby can sit up a little higher to prevent this painful condition. My niece just had a baby girl in September and she is totally smitten with the chair. She loves how lightweight the chair is and the freedom to carry on with her chores while baby is safe and secure in the SnuggleRoo. We also love the idea of a dual-use chair. All you do is unzip and remove the harness piece for babies and replace it with a solid fabric piece for bigger kids. It’s very popular with my family and of course, baby looks adorable all nestled in it.

The bottom is a nylon-type fabric that’s durable and super easy to clean. The top fabric is cozy soft brushed cotton that has a lush velvety feel. Both can be washed in cold water by machine or hand. For optimal results, it is recommended you air dry your SnuggleRoo. It’s inevitable that spills and accidents will happen or some sticky fingers may leave their mark, but I found the chair very easy to clean with a damp warm cloth. It comes in 5 sweet prints that would please any mom.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.