Sodastream Source

Aside from a lot of decadent snacks and goodies being consumed during the holiday season, soda pop is equally present and guzzled. Kids and adults alike love the various but limited flavors of store shelf pop. I discovered a product in Canadian Tire that not only makes soda, it also offers a nice selection of mouth-watering flavors.

The SodaStream Source is a slim, sleek & contemporary looking home appliance that allows you to make carbonated drinks in the comfort of your own kitchen. I’ve never made soda┬ápop of any kind so I was curious to see how much work would be involved. I was genuinely surprised at how easy and fun this product is to use. You can literally make a bottle of pop is just minutes.

There is minimal assembling. It comes with a 60L CO2 Carbonator and one reusable BPA-free carbonating bottle with a fizz-preserving cap. I was really happy to learn that care was taken to produce a toxic chemical-free bottle; a big plus for me.

Always make sure you have the Sodastream on a solid and level surface before beginning. The first thing you have to do is open the back of the SodaStream and install the CO2 container. You insert it through the hole of the base and slide upward till it reaches the top and you twist clockwise to secure it. Now you’re ready to make a carbonated drink.

The next step is to fill the carbonating bottle with pure water up to the fill line; you can do this a few hours before and keep in the fridge if you would like a chilled drink. Then you insert this bottle onto the snaplock by pushing up and back. You will want to make sure the carbonating block is in the upward position first. To get the fizz in your water, you press down on the block firmly until the desired LED indicator light comes up. You have the option of a mild, medium or high fizz drink. We opted for the medium fizz and everyone really enjoyed it. The last step is to add your flavor to the carbonated water. The SodaStream comes with 9 sample concentrated flavors that will appeal to everyone in your family including dieters. You puncture a hole in the top of the flavor and pour it into the carbonated water, that’s it!!
Flavors: Cherry Cola, Ginger Ale, Orange Mango, Orange Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Tonic, Diet Tonic, Diet Lemon-Lime and Diet Root Beer.

We’ve used the SodaStream Source at several of our holiday functions and it’s a hit. Fizzy drinks at a moment’s notice with an attentive audience. I personally don’t drink a lot of pop but I really enjoyed the Orange Grapefruit flavor, it was so thirst-quenching and refreshing. One wonders how they functioned at events without this awesome product. Pop can get expensive if you happen to purchase a lot of it, so the money saved using this product is well worth it. If you’re considering purchasing the SodaStream Source for yourself or as a gift, you won’t regret it.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.