Spiez, Switzerland – Utterly Charming

Although Switzerland is a relatively small country, it boasts some of the most panoramic scenery in the world. It’s brimming with glacier embellished Alps, lush landscapes, twinkling lakes, plump vineyards, fairytale castles, and charming and picturesque villages.

Spiez, Switzerland

Snuggled between hills, surrounded by forests, gardens and vineyards and dominated by a magnificent castle, the storybook village of Spiez is an idyllic and inviting destination. Spiez rests serenely along the south shores of Lake Thun which also encompasses the villages of Einigen, Hondrich, Faulensee, and Spiezwiler. Spiez is an ideal starting point for exploring a wide range of popular destinations in the Bernese Oberland and the Valais.

Spiez offers a lot of simple and relaxing things to do. Visit their Outdoor Pool and Lake-Shore Swimming Cove, or take a 40-minute cruise on Lake Thun or maybe just a stroll along the beautiful lake promenade. And for the more energetic tourists, there’s no shortage of fun either – options include kilometers of hiking and biking trails, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and more.

If you feel adventurous, take a half-day trip to St. Beatus Caves which are located on the northeastern shore of Lake Thun, near Interlaken, deep into the interior of the immense Niederhorn Massif. Electrically lighted, easily hiked trails that delve up to 1000 meters into the depths, lead past roaring subterranean waterfalls, through narrow passages, and to grottos with stalactite and stalagmite formations. What an experience.

Plus you’ll learn about a dragon and a Saint. Legend has it that up to 1900 years ago, a terrifying dragon once resided in these caves and caused mischief in the Lake Thun area. But, an Irish monk named Beatus prevailed in driving away the dragon. Today this remarkable grotto world can be entered without risk.

Spiez, Switzerland

Culture vultures can immerse themselves in the middle ages as they’re transported back to days of old. Explore the graceful medieval Spiez castle and museum with its thousand-year-old castle church. The oldest part of the inner tower dates back to the 10th century, but what we can experience today, was built between the 13th and 18th centuries.

Inside the castle’s magnificent medieval and Baroque interior, you can visit the furnished living quarters and the rooms used for official functions, among them the 15th Century residential and courtrooms, the wood-paneled Renaissance room and the early Baroque banquet room.

Spiez, Switzerland

The art and history of winemaking in Spiez are featured in the museum of viticulture and local history. And to finish up your day of culture try visiting one of the many cultural events on offer, including concerts and the theater.

After a day of adventure, unwind and enjoy a glass of locally produced wine as the sunsets over the glistening Lake Thun. Visiting Spiez and the surrounding areas is an experience of a lifetime.

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