Spirited Away School Supplies & The Truth Pixie

Going back to school this fall was exciting and a relief for kids. They’ve missed their academic structure and social interaction with their friends. But, the fun part of returning to class is getting new school supplies, especially if they feature some of your favorite movie characters. Spirited Away is the highest-grossing fantasy film in Japan’s history and has appeared on many critics’ lists of the best films of all time. As a result, memorabilia pieces and school and stationery supplies have been created with characters from the movie, and kids love them.

Spirited Away Graphic Pencils

The Spirited Away Graphic Pencils will allow your creativity to flow as you put lead to paper. The set comes in a collectors box and sleeve that includes 10 pre-sharpened graphic pencils with end erasers. They feature some of the beloved characters from the film. There are five different prints or characters in sets of two pencils. These include Haku, Kaonashi, Boh, and two other unique designs. It’s a great gift set for kids who love distinctive school supplies, animation or movie fans, avid collectors, artists and art fans, and anyone who has a hankering for cute Japanese art, stationery, and pop culture.

Spirited Away Eraser Set

The Spirited Away Eraser set will magically make all your errors vanish. The set comes in a die-cut box tray and includes 5 character erasers. They are Haku, No Face, Radish Spirit, Yubaba, and Chihiro and each eraser is a different color. If you or your kids are a fan, then this set will be perfect for life’s little mistakes.

The Truth Pixie Goes to School

The Truth Pixie Goes to School is about a young and sad girl named Aada. She lost her mom and grandmother and lives with her dad. They had to move and Aada had to start a new school. However, Aada was unique in that she had a pixie living with her. This pixie always told the truth – yes she was fib-free – so even though it was well-meaning, she came across a little rude. This affected Aada making human friends. Aada had to face ridicule, bullying, and felt pressure to change just to fit in. She had to learn the hard way about the benefits of being yourself and not having to change for anyone. Written in an upbeat rhyme format, it’s fun to read and offers a powerful message for kids.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.