Spring Break Reads for Kids

With travel limitations still in effect, Spring Break will most likely be a staycation. Having a positive attitude and making the most of this global health situation can change the whole vibe of your experience. Make the most of it and have fun. Kids can explore new projects, learn an instrument, learn a new language, learn a craft, or dive into some new storybooks. Books are fun, they break the monotony and drudgery, they spark imaginations and reading relaxes the anxious mind. Reread some of your favorite books or add some new titles to your home library. Here are few titles that may compel you to search them out.

The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocol

Sherlock Holmes is recognized as the greatest consulting detective there ever was. His cases are peculiar, to say the least, but his instincts are always on point. Movies, television series, and a plethora of books share many of his cases, but may there be a case that we’ve not heard of? Well, yes and it has been brought to the surface for our reading pleasure. It’s The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocol.

It’s January 1905 and Sherlock along with his trusted friend Dr. Watson, have been summoned by Mycroft. A British agent has been found floating in the Thames. He was carrying a manuscript with the minutes from a secret meeting. Sherlock is asked to undertake this dangerous cloak-and-dagger case in an effort to trace the origin of this document. He, Watson, and a bewitching women board the Orient Express in an effort to uncover this conspiracy, but danger follows very closely.

Dino Dana Field Guide

Dino Dana, Dino Field Guide is filled with fun facts about dinosaurs and perfect for that dino enthusiast in your family. Research, exploration and digging for bones continually reveal new facts about these prehistoric creatures. Did you know that paleontologists have found over 700 different dinosaurs so far? Thirty-six are featured in this field guide for kids to explore. The guide is easy to probe. The dinosaurs are divided into six different family groups.

  • Theropods
  • Sauropods
  • Ornithiscia
  • Carnivore
  • Herbivore
  • Omnivore

Kids will also learn where the fossils were discovered, how big they are, and what they looked like. Did you know the Compsognathus is one of the smallest dinosaurs ever discovered? And only two sets of fossils have ever been found. They ran on two legs, were about the size and weight of a chicken, and were super fast. Kids will love the vibrant full-color images and intriguing science facts as they delve into each page.

Everyone's Away storybook

We’ve all had those nights where we can’t sleep. Most of us will read a book or watch TV for a while, but not so in Everyone’s Awake. Everyone is supposed to be tucked snuggly in bed sleeping, but this household is wide awake and busy doing daily tasks and chores. Dad’s baking bread, Grandma’s knitting, Mom’s is tapping dancing to Prince, sister is trapezing from the ceiling fan, brother is in the kitchen juggling plates… it’s a very active house. But, will they ever settle? Will they ever go to sleep? With rhyming content and visually interesting image, kids will enjoy the family dynamics along the way. It’s a fun and silly read-aloud book that kids will love to read over and over.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.