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SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Coaching Program

The free screening of Chris Wark’s SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Coaching Program starts tomorrow night!

This course is the culmination of my own experience healing cancer, over 17 years of research on survivors who’ve healed holistically, and from personally coaching hundreds of cancer patients one-on-one.

Here’s how the free online screening will work:

SQUARE ONE is a 10-part video program. Each video module covers a different topic in detail: The Anti-Cancer Diet, Supplementation, Detoxification, Stress Reduction, and so much more…

He will be airing one module per day for 10 days: October 12th – 21st.

Module 1 goes LIVE Tomorrow Night (Tuesday, October 12th) at 9 pm EST (6 pm Pacific).

If you can’t tune in right at 9 pm EST, don’t worry, each module will stay online for you to watch for 24 hours until the next one starts.

Each module builds on the previous one, so please make time to watch and be ready to take a lot of notes! 🙂

I will email you the links to watch each module when they go live, starting tomorrow night.

Make sure to register for the SQUARE ONE email group HERE!

I can’t wait to share the SQUARE ONE program with you!!!

To your life and health!

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