SQUARE ONE Module 3 Live Tonight

SQUARE ONE Module 3: The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 1 is now LIVE!
Click on the image below to watch part 3.

Not many will deny that nutrition is the foundation of good health.

That’s why Module 3 is jammed pack with the specifics of anti-cancer nutrition. You’ll learn exactly what Chris ate during his healing journey, and just as importantly, what he didn’t eat. He’ll also show you the nutritional science that supports it all.

Topics include:

– What not to eat: Foods that promote disease
– The most potent anti-cancer veggies and spices
– My daily anti-cancer schedule
– Juicing, juice formulas and juicers
– And more!

Watch Module 3 HERE

p.s. If you’ve enjoyed watching the free screening of SQUARE ONE as much as I have, Imagine being able to watch it anytime you want. Chris has made the entire SQUARE ONE program available to own (which includes his SQUARE ONE Guidebook and some essential bonuses) at half off. You can go HERE to learn more about it ?or click on the image below.


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