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As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may drift in thought and fondly reflect back on your wedding day and all the joy you had planning, choosing, and preparing for this special day.

How many of you can remember the tearful moment when your mom saw you in that perfect one of a kind wedding gown? Recall the fun you had visiting umpteen venues, interrogating countless caterers, scrutinizing¬†invitations and booking florist, hairstylist, limo driver, entertainment, and the honeymoon? Our memories may fade, but all the photo’s taken along the way are precious reminders of this significant event. 2015-2-1 12 34 2

Photo’s make us all warm and teary, they allow us to relive the past. Your wedding photos captured not only gorgeous wedding shots, but also the dynamics, emotions, little details and precious moments you didn’t get a chance to see while mingling with guests. You paid thousands of dollars for hundreds of photo’s so you can reminisce in the years to come. But, when is the last time you looked at them? Are they still sitting in a digital download?

It’s funny how Valentine’s Day can stir up your emotions and get you sentimentally thinking about your photos and wishing you had a tangible copy, and wondering why you never created a wedding album. Money may have been a factor, or maybe you just couldn’t find the right design. Now several years and a couple of kids later, you’re not sure where to start? Introducing:

 Star Wedding Albums!

Star Design_2

Star Wedding Albums was created out of necessity. Years after her wedding, founder Anne, now had a family and nothing to show for her wedding other than a disc of images gathering dust on her desk. Deciding to create a wedding album she ran into inferior products, so she started Star Wedding Albums.

heart 22Star Wedding Albums is the only online US site, that offers a high-end service of album design and quality wedding albums direct to their clients worldwide. No shortcuts, no cutbacks, just high-quality service, and products. Now you can let Star Wedding Albums create your perfect wedding album for you. So how does it work?

First step: You purchase your album package either before or after your wedding date. They have three different packages, but you can upgrade and customize at will.

Second step: You send your treasured wedding images over the internet directly to Star Wedding Albums.

Third step: One of their professional graphic designers will create your amazing album design and work harmoniously with you to customize your wedding album right down to the smallest detail. Nothing is finalized until you are completely happy. They allow unlimited design and revisions before making your album, no matter how many revisions. I don’t know too many companies who are so generous with their time, so this is a huge bonus!

I had a chance to peruse through their site and see some sample albums. I’m so impressed with the color, clarity, and uniqueness of each album.

Star Multiple-Albums

Your Album Cover is a reflection of your personality and Star Wedding has several to choose from. There’s leather, hardcover, and metal. I love the hardcover because you can have your favorite wedding picture featured on the cover. It looks so lovely and it’s an invitation to peek inside. I think the metal covers are so sophisticated and ideal for those wanting an edgier look. The leather covers can be solid or punctuated with a cherished thumbnail snapshot. The bottom line is that you have complete freedom and control of what goes on your cover. Or, if you want something unique, they will also customize a cover for you.

Star Wedding only uses real Photographic Pages on real photo paper which gives you a beautiful finish with true colors. Their photographic pages are thick lay-flat and non-foldable pages that make for great seamless panoramic spreads.
The combination and arrangements of the photos shown on each sample page are breathtaking and limitless. Putting color and black and white photos together is so refreshing, it adds a touch of modern with a sense of nostalgia. You can arrange photos of people, places, or items separately or together on one page. They really know how to capture the essence of each moment and preserve it in a freeze-frame forever. I love this idea and wish this company was around years ago.

The panoramic spreads give you a beautiful wide-eyed view without any seam interruptions. You can take in the whole scene without having to flip through several photos. You feel like you’re there all over again.


Looking at the albums and what’s included with each package, I’m amazed at the prices. I have friends who’ve paid much more for lesser quality. In fact, one friend’s photo’s are fading, you can imagine how disheartening this is for her. Star Wedding Albums offer only the highest quality because they want to preserve your memories for many generations to come.

If you’ve been pondering about finally creating your wedding album, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Star Wedding Albums is hosting a special giveaway and promotion. They are giving away a Free Wedding Album Design and a $300 Gift Code to 20 entrants.

Now you’ll have the opportunity to see your memorable wedding photos created and organized in a unique wedding album designed just for you. All you’ll have to do is send your photos to Star Wedding Albums and they will bring them to life.

I received compensation, but all opinions expressed here are my own. Yours may differ.