When Do You Start Decorating For Christmas?

So, I was driving home from the grocery store over the weekend and I noticed one of my neighbors, who has a yard full of Halloween paraphernalia, setting up his Christmas lights. He was stringing them around his roof edge and around his door. He then proceeded to deck his massive front yard tree with several rows of different colored lights. Wow, it’s only October! So, when you do you start decorating for Christmas?


Growing up, my dad would put up the Christmas lights around the first week of December. Back then, we also got a real┬átree to decorate, and it stayed in our home for about a month during the holiday season. Today, though, things have changed dramatically. The festive season starts earlier in stores, online, and I’ve even seen six different Christmas commercials last week. It’s not even Halloween yet.

But that being said, I love Christmas. I like to get into the holiday spirit early, and for me, that’s around mid-November. I have to be careful with the choice of decorations I put in my home because I have pets. I’ll put lights around our front window, a door wreath, a few wall decor items, and some holiday mats. Of course, I love to play classic and new version of Christmas music. It just sets the tone for the holiday season.

I would love to hear when you start decorating for the holidays and what classic, traditional, or unique decoration ideas you have. Please share your ideas below.


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