Good Read Toddler Storybooks

Preparing your children to be successful storybook readers starts at an early age. Reading to your infants and toddlers will not only instill a love for books but a deep passion for reading them. They also learn different sounds and get into a flow with the rhythms of speech, which is very important for language development. Making sure they have access to a variety of subjects will also expand their knowledge and naturally increase their level of learning. To me, books are fun and I add several new ones to our library every month. Here are my latest additions.

The Pout-Pout Fish and Bully-Bully Shark

The Pout-Pout Fish and Bully-Bully Shark Storybook

The storybook Pout-Pout Fish and Bully-Bully Shark is so applicable today. Many kids are bullied in school and are not always sure how to deal with it. The same is true with Pout-Pout Fish. He and his friends love playing in the park, but a misbehaving shark takes over and ruins it for everyone. It just takes one person, or fish in this case, to stand up to a bully and say they are not going to tolerate bad behavior. But, everyone is so scared. But Mr. Fish has the courage to stand up to the bully. He realizes that one voice is strong and can make a difference.

The underwater illustrations in this book are absolutely beautiful. Marine life – seahorses, octopuses, eels, and oodles of various fish swim throughout the melodic rhymes of the book. We love it.

Animal City

Animal City Storybook

Animal City is a story about a little named Nina who loves to visit Jungle City, a secret place populated by animals, plants, and lost objects. She’s friends with all the animals and loves to sit and read them stories. They all gather and listen intently. Each of them has their favorite subjects. The monkeys love to learn about space, the moon and other worlds. The Flamingos love to learn about myths, legends about dragons, and other creatures.

The whole storybook is illustrated with only five vivid colors, yet it feels like the pages are flowing with a multitude of hues. The kids loved how easy it was for Nina to play and hang out with all the wild animals. They also picked up on how humans are encroaching on land that should be for animal habitation. A great reminder that animals are very important.

Barkus Dog Dreams

Barkus Dog Dreams Storybook

The book is, of course, about Barkus the dog and his young owner Nicky. Barkus Dog Dreams is like a beginner reader for young children. The chapters are short enough to keep toddlers attention, but long enough to share a story. There are five chapters and each are filled with colorful illustrations that explain the scenario. Barkus and his cat friend, Baby, are quite the pair. Little children will enjoy their adventures and want to reread the chapters over and over.

Goodnight, Good Dog

Goodnight, Good Dog Storybook

Good Night, Good Dog is a padded board storybook with a touchable, flocked dog on the cover. It’s ideal for toddlers just learning simple words and concepts. The story is about an inquisitive little puppy who wanders through the house in the evening taking in all the sounds and wonders. Children will learn shapes, colors, and numerous other sights and sounds.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.