Super Turbo Diets

There is no shortage of diet plans on the market, and I think the majority of us have been on one or more. Ask anyone and they’ll chime in how many diets they’ve tried and what kinds of results they got – if any. We are inundated with infomercials featuring a lot of unhealthy and unbalanced diet trends and programs that promise you ultimate weight loss results. But, that vibe is changing. People are realizing there is no gimmick, gadget or magic pill that will shed weight. We have to change our lifestyle, our eating habits and what foods we are eating to not only keep the weight off but to also stay healthy. But with that said, take heart because there are a few new conscious diet plans that are written by people who have walked the walk and know what they are talking about. They may resonate with your personality and work well with your lifestyle.

Bob Harper is recognized as a trainer for The Biggest Loser program and a bunch of celebrities. He knows how to get results and his new books will get you eating real foods that will shed those extra pounds and pump up your strength.

Carbs have become a four-letter word, but that depends on the type of carbs you eat. Bob shares which are the right carbs and just how imperative they are for our overall health. They are fruits, veggies, greens and specific grains and they will turbo-charge your metabolism and get you dropping pounds and out of your diet funk. Then there is Carbage – it’s the mindless garbage we put in our bodies without thinking – those heavy processed foods that absorb quickly, spike sugar and are hard to digest. The only item on this list that surprised me was Maple Syrup because it has so many health benefits.

A complete list and breakdown of different animal proteins are covered. He doesn’t really get into vegan sources too much, so if you’re a vegan, then this book probably won’t click. He next covers good fats and bad fats. And yes, there is a whole chapter on exercise along with several workout ideas.

To launch this program, Bob gets you started with a 14 Day Sample Menu. There are three meals per day plus a floater meal or snack. Plus, there are numerous recipes at the back of the book that will get you on the right track.

The Turbo Metabolism is an 8-week plan that will boost your metabolism to start burning fat while increasing your energy and improving your health. When combining impeccable nutrition, water, mindfulness and stress reduction, we can have the healthy body we desire. Western diets and the metabolic syndrome – which is a cluster of conditions like high blood pressure, elevated sugar levels, excess midriff fat and abnormal triglyceride levels that occur all together and increase our risk or heart disease, stroke, diabetes and more debilitating illnesses.

This book takes a holistic approach to treating and curing health conditions. Wellness starts with Prana, our the vital life force and our chakras where this energy flows through these seven main focal points. Although it does mention some animal products, it focuses mainly on a vegan lifestyle.

The author goes deep into why processed foods, GMO foods, alcohol, sugar substitutes and other junk foods are ruining our health. If we understand the severe consequences of ingesting these back foods, it may inspire us to change. So it’s time to take out the trash and replace them with foods blessed by Mother Nature herself.

Advice on stress control, a good nights sleep and dealing with environmental factors like toxins, pollutants, perfluorinated chemicals, and medications are covered. These environmental enemies have a negative effect on our mind, body and spirit, but I don’t think people realize how significant that impact is.

Superfoods, we’ve all heard that word but may not know which foods fit in this group. This chapter also covers anti-inflammatory spices, vitamins, mineral supplements and other supplements that will accelerate healing.┬áThe last section of the book shares numerous recipes with a variety of flavors using the foods recommended in the Turbo Metabolism book. If you’re looking for a healthier, happier life, then this book may be your answer.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.