Sustainable Knitting and Fun Crochet

As the weather starts to cool and autumn approaches, thoughts of warm and cozy projects may be waffling through your mind. Although I crochet and knit all year round, I amp up my projects for the holiday season. That means pulling out copious craft books and discerning if there is something that inspires me, or searching for new books that have some awesome patterns. We all love variety and numerous options, so you can never have too many craft books. I’ve added two new books to my collection and they’re perfect for beginner and experienced knitters and crocheters.

Sustainable Knitting for Beginners and Beyond

Sustainable Knitting for Beginners and Beyond

When we hear the word sustainable, it immediately has a positive connotation. With more love and compassion for our planet, an abundance of people are into resource-saving and living a mindful and sustainable lifestyle. To reuse, repurpose or reinvent uses for items already in our home, is lifting the heavy load our planet has to burden. And that is why Sustainable Knitting for Beginners and Beyond was created. Because renewable resources include wearables made with yarn.


  • Introduction
  • Basic top
  • Little case
  • Backpack
  • Easy peasy cowl


  • Introduction
  • Body scrubby massage glove
  • Back scrubby
  • Small bathmat
  • Hairband
  • Facial pad for the home spa
  • Scrunchie


  • Introduction
  • Kitchen towel
  • Mesh shopping bag
  • Hanging organiser baskets
  • Place mats
  • Kitchen baskets
  • Dish sponge

Living Room

  • Introduction
  • Table runner
  • Mediation cushion
  • Pathwork mat

In addition to offering 20 fun and easy projects, this book shares more information on sustainability and what things to remember when looking for organic, fair-trade yarn in a resource-saving manner. Plus, tips on how to reduce your yarn footprint. If you rip out an old afghan or sweater, you will also learn how to relax the crinkled yarn.

The onset of the book covers yarn from animals, plant fibers, and recycled yarns. Did you know you can make your own t-shirt yarn? It’s super easy, fun and you are reducing your yarn/fiber/fabric footprint. Want to learn more about dying your yarn? They cover ready-mix dyes and food coloring options. If you are a beginner knitter, you’ll find Knitting Techniques helpful. Each stitch features an illustration and written instructions. This book is a breath of fresh and is a welcomed addition to my ever-growing collection of craft books.

Hello Hexie!

Hello Hexie! crochet book.

Ever find a pattern that you love and want to use it over and over to make wearables and fun items for your home? That’s me and granny squares. I’ve always made square motifs, but I was mesmerized by the hexagon motifs. This led me to the Hello Hexie! craft book which is filled with 20 super easy projects made from simple granny hexagons!


  • The Hexie
  • Granny Hexie
  • Solid Hexie
  • Lacy Hexie
  • Circle Hexie
  • Sunburst Hexie
  • Flower Hexie
  • African Flower Hexie
  • Textured Hexie
  • Bobble Hexie
  • Trefoil Hexie

The Projects

  • Sunburst Bag
  • Star Blanket
  • Cosy Cardigan
  • Linen Lace Tee
  • Spring Garden Shrug
  • Cosy Poncho
  • African Flower Skirt
  • Pure Wool Rug
  • Striped Rug
  • Tortoise Stuffed Toy
  • Baby Bee Blanket
  • Baby Bee Lovey
  • Slipper Socks
  • Bobble Cushion
  • Festival Bag
  • Bohemian Scarf
  • Trefoil Table Set
  • Wall Hanging
  • Starburst Footstool
  • Patchwork Wristwarmers
  • Quick Makes

Many of you may think that the granny square ran its course way back in the ’70s. But, as you see from the content, this pattern is one of the most versatile motifs. This book features 10 basic hexagons and the amazing things you can make with them.

The onset of the book shares each of the ten Hexie motifs with a full-color photo, a chart, and easy-to-follow written instructions. Each of the included projects has been chosen to show and demonstrate how multifaceted the Hexie motif really is. You can use the Hexie to make homewares, accessories, garments and more! Plus, the Hexie can be made with any weight of year, so you can use up those leftover balls of yarn.

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