Sweet & Creepy Coloring Book

October is a beautiful month. It’s rich in vibrant colors, crisp air, crunchy leaves, and the earthy fragrance of autumn foliage. It’s also the best time of year for pumpkin pie, crumbles, bars and lattes, apple pie, and hot cider. They make you feel all cozy inside. It’s also the time we start getting ready for the holiday season. First on the list is Thanksgiving if you live in Canada, then ready or not, Halloween will be here soon.

Halloween is a time when kids like to don cool costumes and load up on hoards of candy. But the preparation for Halloween is one of the best experiences for families. Some decorate their homes and yards with ghoulish ghosts, cackling witches, creepy spiders, lanterns, and other unearthly characters. Inside our homes, we can participate in fun crafts like adding strings of homemade pumpkin or skull lights, spooky window decals, black cats and the list goes on.

Sweet & Creepy Coloring

Sweet and Creepy Coloring

It’s also a fun time to embrace other holiday activities like coloring. Every year, new and exciting coloring books are released for every holiday, including Halloween. New on the market is the Sweet & Creepy Coloring book that features over 60 enchanting images of witches, ghosts and cozy haunted places.

The illustrations inside the Sweet & Creepy coloring book are considered creepy cute called kimo-kawaii originating in Japan. It loosely translates to both disturbing and charming at the same time. That is the premise of this coloring book, it’s filled with whimsical and a little harmlessly unsettling images that inspire creativity. Embrace the enchanting world of Halloween with fairy-like dwellings, dark forests, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, and rats that have tea and gnomes as they dance around the Christmas tree.

Sweet and Creepy Coloring page

The pages are filled with busy illustrations that will spark your color theory imagination. Kids and adults can make them into works of art and give them as gifts. Or you can hang them in our window during Halloween. The images are basically on one side with the reverse featuring basic ghosts, winter snowflakes, squiggly lines, mushrooms or foliage.

Coloring is not only fun, it’s a great way to put us in our zen space. Coloring allows us to relax, deal with depression and anxiety, release emotional stress,¬†improve our focus, and express ourselves creatively.¬†Life can be stressful, but adding a little Sweet & Creepy coloring activity may be just what we need.

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